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Attack Day 4- where is the weight loss?

Well I though I may as well keep you all updated, in case anyone was wondering- got on the scales this morning and at best, I think theres a pound off. I ate more yesterday and have been drinking plenty. Im now at the point where I wonder whether I should continue today as day four- there just doesnt seem to be any point. Had my yoghurt and oat bran this morning and brought salmon for lunch but I am demoralised beyond belief. Has anyone else not lost anything the first three days and lost it towards the end of attack?!
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I'll let others in the know reply to this, but I reckon it's the scales, senorita.

Even so, a pound is a pound is a pound.


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Also, remember that you weren't following the diet strictly at the beginning and that will make a difference.

Are your scales the old type, like mine? Because they can be notoriously temperamental and inaccurate in some cases. It may be worth trying some digital ones?


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I agree with KidA - I was wondering about your scales on day 3.

If you can't get the scales situation resolved, measure yourself instead- round the middle, round the thighs, the arms etc. Are your clothes feeling *a bit* looser?

Were you already dieting before switching to Dukan? People coming from Atkins or Cambridge don't usually see huge losses in Attack and do not really need to do attack at all.

If you are posting your menus, including approximate quantities, then you should get comments if anything looks wrong. Feel free to stick them in this thread as well.


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You are not technically on day 4 of attack, because of the mix-up up over the oatbran and the cheesecake yogurts.

Attack isn't just about reducing food intake - it's about switching off the process whereby eating carbs leads to insulin release with lead to energy release and the creation of a fat store called glycogen in the liver and muscles.

It is this dump of glycogen which a.) causes the first large weightloss in Attack and b.) forced the body to start turning fat into energy which it will do all the way through Cruise.

(It also causes the temporary headaches and flu-ey-ness which people may experience on day 3 or 4 of Attack.)

Any carbs eaten beyond the 1.5 tblsps of oatbran would stop this happening.

Perhaps you should date your Attack from the first day after the last yogurt/oatmeal galette? I'd give yourself just a few more days before you start to despair.
:wave_cry: Its just so frustrating- I had read so many success stories about attack that I was sure this would work for me.

I havent been dieting for a long time- in fact the past few months I was a fast-food queen and knew I had to stop!

I bought new scales on Monday but couldnt afford to pay nearly 20quid for digital ones- however I recall now that I could weigh myself on the Wii fit and therefore didnt need to buy scales!

Yesterday I ate- yoghurt and oat bran for breakfast, a packet of waferthing ham for lunch, two bits of salmon around 5pm, then two chicken breasts a couple of hours after that. I drank at least the recommended amount. I didnt go for a walk because I was teaching 9-7, but I spend my day running around a large school and up and down stairs every half hour or so, so hopefully that counts for something. I feel like Im making huge adjustments to my normal eating pattern and to see no results is so demoralising I could cry.


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I just double checked my own diary...

Attack - Day 1 - no change
Attack - Day 2 - lost 1 lb
Attack - Day 3 - felt really flu-ey, lost 1 lb
Cruise - Day 4 - lost 1lb

So really - if you think you might only be in day 3, 1lb isn't bad at all, particularly if you have slightly dodgy scales.


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I wonder if it could make a difference that you are eating most of your food quite late in the day and you might be better spreading it more throughout the day? Also too much ham can cause you to retain water so perhaps eat less processed food and more chicken /fish you have cooked yourself?
was just about to buy a scales this weekend so thank u for the tip about the wii fit.
I wouldn't worry about the 'small' loss, tbh - it will come off and a loss is a loss.

However, I'd forget about the ham - use it to liven up an omelette now and again (or similar) but don't eat it every day - too salty. Check you're not salting your food too much - water retention all the way if you overdo it!

Also, transit may be an issue?

I don't like weighing myself (never owned scales before) and only weighed twice a week (both after PP days),that was enough for me - a false (water) gain can put a reall downer on your day.


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We talked on the menu thread yesterday about your starvation menu on day 3... now I read that there were some errors on days 1 and 2.

I'm sorry you're struggling so much to lose but this diet really does require a lot of preparation and planning beforehand.
Yip, my "starvation" diet lol was on day 2, but on day 3 I ate more after your advice. Day one all I did wrong was eat a spoonful of oats instead of oatbran and one muller! I made both these mistakes after going to Tesco for my Dukan shopping, so lack of preparation was not an issue.

I checked my weight on digital scales in school at lunchtime and had only lost half a pound.

Therefore I must say I give up. I cannot endure this without the weight loss to motivate me.

Thank you all for bearing with me, and know that I am just too gutted to continue.


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You weight wont be the same from scale to scale.
You need to pick a set and use that only - it might be that the wii would have weighed you heavier on day one.

When I switched between scales there was over half a stone difference (quite demoralising at the time).
awww please dont give up! if you weighed yourself this morning and only showed 1lb lost on your scales then weighed yourself at lunch fully dressed and showed 1/2lb lost then your scales are wrong! I weigh approx 2lb more during the day fully dressed so you have probably lost 3lb's!

either use the wii or keep using school's scales or even Boots' scales, whichever you use base your weight on today's weight and take it from there.


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Also - bear in mind that if you swapped scales half way through attack you don't actually know what you weighed on day 1... it could be, for example that you have lost 3lbs, but your first set of scales had a 2lb error.

(My baby sister is convinced she still weighs less than me - I tried out her scales while she wasn't looking and even I weigh less than me!)


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I agree with the others about scales, at my gp`s i weighed 17st 2 lbs, on my scales at home i weigh 8lbs heavier.


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I bought new scales at the outset...

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