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Attack phase and travelling


Having another go....


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Hi :) Is this a business or personal trip? Just asking as you'll probably have more control over your food if on a personal trip.

Definitely take your oatbran and add to yoghurt for easy snack.

You can buy cans of fish with ring pulls for quick snacks. Packs of prawns during the day, slices of turkey etc.

Fill up on those so you are not famished when other food being eaten around you (less likely to be tempted)

You can tell people you have been advised by a Dr that you must not eat wheat (true) which means you can't be served lots of carbs.

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Eeeek! Glad you posted this, will look forward to the comments as I'm gong on holiday on Wednesday - for a week! But hoping to be adding vege by then x


Having another go....
Wow thanks for this

It's a work trip :-(


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Is there someone co-ordinating the trip? Lunches provided etc? They normally ask if there are any food allergies etc if they are putting food on for people. You could email/call first thing on Monday and let them know you have just found out you are intolerant to wheat etc (hence last minute notice) and unable to have sandwiches but are happy to bring along some food if it can be stored in a fridge if it is too late for them to arrange something (have selection of meats) or just inform them of what you can have.

I had to do this once at a meeting (on a previous no carb diet) and was given a chicken salad instead of the sandwiches on offer. If that happened, you could just eat the chicken/protein and leave the salad bits.

You will prob feel a bit hungry, so I'd definitely have things you can snack on during breaks as I am sure there will be other things like pastries for other people if they are anything like the meetings I have been to.

If you are out with everyone at dinner, have a quiet word with the chef/waiters beforehand and let them know the same, you can let them know what you can/cant have in case you don't want to say anything in front of clients/colleagues. So it doesn't look 'odd' to other people, you could have it served with veg, just leave them. People do tend to look a a plate containing just protein and wonder what is going on ;)

There are definitely ways to keep going, you'll just need a steely resolve and keep remembering your goal so you don't fall off the wagon.

Oh and if there are drinks, the old trusty "i'm on antibiotics" can be used ;)

Hope all goes well!


Having another go....
thank you so much Couteaux!

its a 'normal' work trip - so i fly up tomorrow morning, taxi to office and then to hotel (possibly a night out though :-( )

so have cooked up some salmon (slices of lemon underneath, some corriander on the top, wrapped in foil and baked for 30 mins at 180 in a fan oven) which i was going to take with me, but think i might be having for tea as its bloody tasty!!

i have some turkey bits that i can take, i have a small container to take my bran stuff (although - how do i get this in me now?? staying at a novotel....)

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Could you stir the oatbran into a ff yoghurt? I hate it that way, but needs must...
I work away a lot, and its a struggle! but a tesco/asda is a life line!

When im away I have low fat vanilla yogs with oatbrand for breakfast. If your in a hotel you can maybe get an omelette or scrambled eggs easily, (I just lie and say i have dietary requirements so can you make them with just the egg whites)

other than that i try and get tuna in a packet (easy to whip it out at the dinner table in the middle of the day instead of the funny looks you get when you bring out a tin of tuna and a can opener) i live on packet ham, pre cooked chicken, cottage cheese and such! its horrible you cant sit down to a hot meal in a way, but the end results are worth these little set backs


Having another go....
Well I popped in to tescos and the hot chicken counter was doing 5 x chickens pieces for £2 - result!

Then I thought what should I have to drink, I wandered past the milkshakes.... And thought oooh muller lite yogurt mixed with skimmed milk!!!

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