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Aubergines...what can I do with them?

I make a dish like mousakka, make a spicy tom sauce using pasatta, onion, garlic & chilli, then fry off sliced aubergines, layer them with the sauce & mozzerella cheese (HEa) yummy yum!!

Or I make a lasagne but use sliced aubergine instead of pasta making it free on red days


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Lots of great ideas here. You know we really should do an 'ingredient of the week' thread where people can post recipes!

Can I add mediterranean pasta bake (posted recipe here recently)

Or a few ideas from bbcgoodfood (need a little tweaking)

Aubergine, tomato & Parmesan bake (Melanzane alla Parmigiana) recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food-

Aubergine & goat's cheese pasta recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

Spicy pork & aubergine recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

Curried aubergine & potato pie recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food - might even have this for dinner as it looks yummy


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This is a bit late but tonight i had Aubergine, Tomato and Feta Stacks out of this month's magazine they were gorgeous.
I followed the recipe exact except i had no vingarette dressing so i used rice wine vinegar it was so scrummy.
Luckily i have one stack left over so i will take this to work for lunch tomorrow.
curvy girl - thanks for starting this thread, i too am trying to be more exciting with veg and have one in then fridge too!

Theresa32UK - i was thinking of trying the magazine recipe and will do so thanks to your recommendation.

Now there's just those 2 courgettes to go ...

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