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August Starters!

Good luck to your AUgust starters. It will change your life.

BEst of luck and keep us posted on your achievements.

welcome onboard.


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Hi Lucyloop - just to say good luck with today - only 3 days & we will be in ketosis the hard bit will be over:)
Im off to make my banana shake - yum


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Good luck August peeps!
Once your in ketosis your well on your way! This website is fantastic an will really keep you motivated, through the highs and lows!
You will all do fantastically well, I can feel it! :) xxxx
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Hi Lucy hows it going so far?
best of luck to all the August starters....x


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Still here - headache and tired, chugging peppermint tea like it's going out of fashion! Be glad to get this first week over with. Hope everyone's feeling ok today?


Hi Lucy!
you drinking plenty of water aswell? can honestly say my first week i felt great never felt tired ...but im approaching week 4 (next week) and this week especially ive been so tired cant wait for sat morning so i can have a lie in! i havent really had any bad headache's either which is good x
I'm easily drinking 3 litres of just water, anything else is on top. 1 x coffee in the morning, peppermint tea and water through the day and water flavours in fizzy water in the evening. For a change! I'm guessing the headache is the carb/sugar withdrawal? Though it could be my 2 kids being bored and rowdy! :grumble: Being awake at stupid o'clock every morning also doesn't help :\ But still very motivated :D


carb / sugar withdrawal yeah will be im sure! yeah like you say doesnt help that your up so early of a morning aswell :( poor you


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Hi Ive got a terrible headache today too - think its carb withdrawl & im with you on the bored kids my 3 were very trying today!!
Getting the water down is still hard - will try fizzy water with flavour - sounds good.
Keep up the good work:D


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Hi guys, just a word of warning. Keep your eye on the fizzy water, check the lables on the bottles for sodium (salt) content. Some of them are really high and you can actually taste the salt. My LLC said it may not be very good if you are prone to water retention, or not drinking enough "normal" water.
im an august restarter good luck to all the newbies. my one peice of advise is stick to RTM. dont think u can do it yourself. i need help to do this again because i know ive done it before so i know i can do it.... thats whats been holding me back. new month new day new people to help support and to help support me. roll on the next few days, ketosis is amazing. keep me posted with your days ahead, its good to know were not alone.


good luck carrie
thanks tracyD been trying to restart since sat.... whats going on??? tomorrow??? i need to syke myself up. BRING IT ON!! how are you finding it?


awww bless you i do feel for you having been here before and trying to start again! yeah have to say its still early days for me, im finding it easier than i thought, although i had such a strong urge / desire to eat proper food today but i didnt! i wish there were a few more differnt flavours available. I will do this but i know its gonna get harder not easier for me :(


carrie you have 19lb to lose, i sooooooo wish thats all i had
how many days have you been abstinent for now? i done 6days last week then that stupid meal on friday, if i could bend that way id kick my own a**e. i need think positively, i WILL start tomorrow.

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