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Australian Core?

Has anyone come across Aussie Core before? Sounds interesting - here's a post I found. Apparently you are allowed 2 slices of multigrain bread a day but, if you have crispbread the same day as well, you have to point it. No ELF though sadly :( but you can snack on yogurt as well as fruit and cocoa is core :)

" Its pretty much the same as UK core except bread is allowed but only multigrain/wholegrain bread (there is a HUGE variety of multigrain breads available in Australia, not so much here but still a nice selection). Also allowed is any type of rice, not just brown. You can also snack on more things, not just fruit. You can snack on fat free/diet yogurt, low fat natural yogurt, skim milk, homemade air popped popcorn, fruit, veggies, 0 point foods etc. Cocoa powder is also core so you can have a skinny hot chocolate as a snack. Also sushi is core as long as it doesn't contain avocadoes and/or fried stuff. 3 meals a day, 2tsp healthy oil, and 3 extra points a day is the same for both plans.

That's the good news lol. The not so great news is;

Avocadoes, elf, flavoured cottage cheese are not core. Only plain low fat cottage cheese and low fat ricotta cheese are core.

There are limits to meals, i.e. cereal is limited to one meal a day and must be eaten with skim milk or low fat/fat free yogurt. Starch varieties are also limited to one meal a day. This doesn't mean you can only have rice, potatoes etc once a day. It only means you can't have potatoes for lunch and dinner but you can have potatoes for lunch and rice for dinner, just not the same starch more than once a day. There are no restrictions on proteins though. "

Sounds good
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That seems very logical - it forces you to have a bit more variety in your diet by restricting certain foods to one meal only.

When are they bringing that over here then?!!
Now I like the sounds of that, I struggled with having to point bread when I did Core, because to be honest I really like having a sandwich for lunch once or twice a week.
Theres loads of people on the WW messageboards that are following Austrialian Core off their own backs in this country with great success, so even if thats not the big unveil theres no reason that you can't follow it if you fancy giving it a go, you could also register on the aussie ww website and post on the message board to get all the details?
Yes, I thought I might give it a go when I go back to work - being able to pack up a sandwich will suit me very well and I prefer Core as I eat more healthily on it than I do on points.
I might give this a bash next week when I start my new job - it'll make it much easier to take a sandwich to work until I find out whether they've got a microwave!

Do you know if it's only 2 slices of bread that are allowed?
yes 2 slices of wholegrain or wholemeal and I think its the full loaf size although not 100% sure on that.
Bread allowed on Aussie Core:

2 slices Hovis wholemeal granary bread
2 slices seeded sensation bread
2 slices Kingsmill gold seeds & oats bread
2 slices Burgen soy & linseed bread
2 slices Vogel's soy & linseed bread
2 slices Vogel's sunflower & barley bread
2 slices Vogel's original grain bread
2 slices Vogel's honey & oatbran bread
1 slice M&S multigrain bread
1 slice M&S seeded bread
2 slices Rye bread
2 slices Warburton's seeded batch bread
2 slices Warburton's wholegrain goodness bread
2 slices Waitrose wholemeal & seeds bread (small loaf)
1 slice Waitrose farmhouse multigrain batch bread
1 slice Food doctor seed & oat bread
1 x Food doctor multi seed & oat muffins
1 x Food doctor cereal & seed pita bread
Wow, that's great Lydia - I love that seed sensation bread, ooh and multigrain stuff!

I like the idea of this plan a lot!!
Thanks for posting that Lydia:)

I too might give this a go, never tried core as i can do points but this might just tempt me!x
I have seen it in sainsburys but in aint cheap !!

I'm really excited about this and really want to give give it a try.

Lydia I looked on the ww message boards but could nt find anything, can you point me in the right direction please ?
I'm not so sure, I had a look on the aussie ww website and the chat rooms there a talking about announcement of changes in january. Still If lydia can get the full list like she hopes I am going to give it a try even if its unofficial

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