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Average weekly weight loss?

S: 19st7lb C: 17st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st12lb(9.52%)
hiya :)

it differs from person to person. when i did JUDDD a while ago, i lost about half a stone (i think - maybe more but i cant remember that far back lol) in less than a fortnight, but i had also started exercising so cant be sure how much weight loss was down to JUDDD.

you could try to work out how much you could lose by:

1. working out how many days a week will be up days, how many will be down days, and how many calories you will eat throughout the whole week (roughly) then...
2. figuring out your bmr x 7
3. minus your bmr (x 7) from the amount of calories you will eat, also minus any calories you will burn through exercise
4. divide the number you are left with by 3500 (the calories in 1lb)
5. the number you are left with should be the number of lbs you could lose each week

a bit confusing but i think it will work out right lol

using myself as an example that would be :

1. (if i would do JUDDD again i would do 4 down days (600 cals each) and 3 up days (1500 cals each) a week) so that would mean i'd eat a total of 6900 calories a week
2. my bmr is about 1800 x 7 = 12600
3. 6900 (cals eaten) minus 12600 (cals burnt without exercising) = - 5700 cals
4. 5700 divided by 3500 = 1.6
5. 1.6 lbs loss (round it up to 2 lbs lol)

of course any exercise would make the loss more, as would lowering the amount you eat on down days, and as i said it does depend on the individual.

although 2lbs a week doesnt sound anything spectacular, (even though it will probably be more) the thing that appeals about JUDDD is that really it feels like you're only on a part time diet, as you are only restricted every other day

sorry for all the maths but i hope it all made some kind of sense to you! :)

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