Average weight loss on 1200 plan????


Norwich CDC
Does anyone know roughly the weightloss is on this plan. I have a gentleman who has roughly 5 stone to lose and wants to know an average weight loss.


I think that depends on the average calorie deficit.

the old calories in vs calories out forumla

a very very basic way is to

multiply his weight in lbs by 11 = calories needed per day

less calories in per day

then divide that by 3500 to equal pounds lost

then mulitply that by 7 for the week


20 Stones = 280lbs

Calories out = 280*11 = 3080 (Calories needed to maintain 20 Stones)
Calories in = 1200

Calories Deficit = 3080-1200 = 1880

Daily Loss = 1880/3500 = 0.54lbs
Weekly Loss = 3.75lb
Monthly Loss = 15lbs

This is a very very rough guide though, not sure if there is an official CD one - The 1 stone a month SS rule is very average as we know the bigger you are the higher the weekly loss.