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Avidlite Ready to Drink Shakes

I've used the dietimeal 1.5 net carbs ones which are lovely and I think dietimeal is associated with avidlite? Not sure because the avidlite descriptions confuse me.


A thin person in disguise
I am confused too. The description actually says zero carbs...I was wondering whether I should buy them as I am away alot and it would be fab to have them to hand with a bar. I will have a look at the dietimeal ones xx


A thin person in disguise
Thanks RB. I will check online for the ones you have recommended cheers ;) xx
I have the Dietimeal shakes, they taste great and mix really well and dont have that powdery taste like some other brands ive tried. Great for convenience if you're on the go, as for the bars, i've tried them for the first time this weekend and I would recommend using them with extreme CAUTION. Some people are unable to leave their bathroom for many hours after consumption :eek:.


A thin person in disguise
Thanks WW, I will have a go at those. I am trying be prepared for when i get a job and i am so busy i don't think of food...hahahah yes i am dreaming or delusional or both hahahaha xx
Good luck with the job search Rachie xx


A thin person in disguise
Thanks WW, it is getting a bit boring now but I have to keep trying as my dream job (whatever that maybe) is around the corner......


A thin person in disguise
ha-ah you have that syndrome too. I keep wanting to go into birmingham and window shop, chill have a coffee and then toddle back home. It is so frustrating, plus I am bored witless and keep trying not to eat outside my planned meals and snacks grrr....

Thankfully I am not slim so I won't be tempted to buy loads of lovely clothes ready for the summer. ow are you spending your days? xx
I cant just window shop, lol. Im in a size 16 now which means I can shop anywhere and because this is such a novelty I just cant stop. My days vary really. At least twice a week Im out shopping all day, then another day I visit my aunt and do stuff for her. Ive usually got my mum up another day. Then the kids are constantly off school with holidays and in service days and the like so that keeps me occupied. And then of course I spend half my life on here, lol.

It is incredibly difficult not to eat when youre sitting at home all day but I seem to have finally cracked it. Heres hoping I can keep it up, lol.


A thin person in disguise
Ohhh Jo tell me about it. Sadly I am not a size 16 but thankful as well as I would be spending spending spending. I have tons to do in the house but I cant be bothered. I am glued to this all day to stop me eating my emotions away. I set myself small targets to get the filing done clean a bit and prepare for any interviews. Do you do the live chat at any point? Ihear there is a fb page but can't find it

I am hoping to lose enough weight that I actually enjoy the summer months and not feel like a pig in a blanket xxx
Im exactly the same! Even though I have loads of time I put stuff off even more coz I just think it can wait until tomorrow. Absolutely ridiculous and one of these days I really will need to get on with everything.

I dont tend to have the time for live chats with the kids and stuff so dont usually bother.

It will be great to actually go out in summer in a dress and sandals without wearing layers to cover up the fat. This will be my first summer of it and I cant wait. Im going on holiday in May and am buying loads of little summer dresses for the first time ever!
hey joanne, did you lose all your weight with atkins? youve done amazingly!!!
No, I lost about 40lbs of it on Atkins and the rest on Exante. Back to Atkins coz I cant cope with meal replacement any more and will hopefully lose the rest of it.
I looove them and they're designed for low carb diets - 1.5g per carton. No polyols, sweetened with sucralose, which is all good. People's tastes differ though, I don't really like the standard atkins shakes.

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