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Away for the weekend.....


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At a posh hotel for a Civil Partnership ceremony - meal and evening buffet and lots of alcohol I am sure. Have been looking forward to this for ages, nobody that is going has seen me since I was over 17 stone :8855: should be some interesting meetings lol. I am not planning on being a party pooper as far as food and drink goes but will try as hard as possible to stick with t'low carbing. Am even taking some MIM's as backup in case I need something cake/bread like - but if I fancy something I will have it. Am also taking bottles of water to make sure I keep hydrated. Oh yes, and my beautiful dress and jacket which I cannot wait to wear. From a size 24 to an 8 since last July - am not giving that up without a fight! Piccies to follow folks! Hope you all have as good a weekend as I plan to have :eek: and I will be having the full english breakfast - not that carb laden foreign stuff! (although I do love a continental brekkie lol)
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Thanks so much, I fully intend to (without taking anything away from the brides of course as it is their day after all) am looking forward to a good dance to work off some of the excess too lol, have a good weekend :D
Bren xx


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You have done so well, your an inspiration! Go and have a good time and lap up all those compliments that will be coming your way! cant wait to see your pics.
Have fun!!


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Oh I will -trust me - not the amount of alcohol I used to do cos I just can't handle it anymore - but I don't really need it these days!
Have a good one yourself dizzy!
Bren xx

xx Cathy xx

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Hope you have a fantastic weekend Quak you deserve to show off your new figure you've done absolutely amazing hun! It'll be nice for you to see how many people don't recognise you straight away.


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lol most of them probably! Even my own brother had a double take as I had not seen him for over 12 months till my other brother got married a couple of weeks ago. He took the small piccy of me on my signature.


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Awwww quak,

I'm sure you will have a great time, you deserve it after working so hard and achieving such a good loss.

Enjoy each and every one of those compliments, theres no better feeling than when someone you havent seen for a while says "wow you've lost weight and you look fab" Its brilliant motivation for carrying on :D


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Well, it was amazing, one of the best weddings I have ever been to, so well planned but not too regimented, very relaxed and lots of fun.
The brides both failed to recognise me - the looks on their faces when they realised it was me was priceless..................and the other people there only realised when they recognised my other half first and then thought - well, it must be, mustn't it? lol
I have put piccies up in a new album, hope you like them, I certainly do :D

Foodwise - not too bad all in all.
B - couple of my lovely egg and saus muffins
S - half a mim with a coffee before we got dressed in our finery
L- starter was a large mushroom stuffed with mozarella and served on salad, main was succulent roast duck (did not have the cherry sauce) and vegetables, did not bother with roasties/boiled spuds or the rosti the duck came on. Pudding looked really bad carb wise, chocolate in a basket with other stuff so I asked for some cheese which was sorted no problem. Ate the cheese and grapes and left the biscuits. There was a white chocolate fountain later and my treat was a piece of shortbread and a piece of turkish delight dipped in the fountain, yummy. Buffet was a bit carby overall but I had 3 pieces of chicken (in breadcrumbs unfortunately) some beef stir fry without the rice, and a couple of other bits and pieces that did not look too bad for me.
Drinks, bucks fizz, dry white with the meal and fizzy for the toasts.
Dry white in the evening and a whiskey before bed. Lots of water in between and no hangover this morning.
B - Bacon, scrambled egg, sausages, mushrooms, tomato and a few prunes for pudding. Lashings of coffee, freshly brewed, luxury.

Had a super weekend and don't feel I have done too much damage but don't feel I have deprived myself too much either, good balance I think. A couple of hours on the dance floor provided my day's exercise too lol. Had a super time, lots of compliments, especially from 3 ladies who go to one of the brides SW class, they loved my dress :D


likes vw's!
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You sound like you had a ball, i bet it was fab!
for some reason it wont let me see your photos.
Well done


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I lurvvvvvvee my dress too!

dizzydelly - try again, you need 50 posts to see photos I think and you have just reached 50 so it may let you this time.


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Wow love the before and after pics in your signature, such a change well done :) x


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wow what a journey was looking at your pics youv come a long way i bet your so proud of youself you should be.your an insperation to all of us


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Bren! I love the photo's darling, beautiful and what a difference.


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I bet you did love. :)


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Glad you had a great time, I am busy trying to get up to 50 posts so that I can see your fabulous pictures too.


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well you're at 51 now Jiggly ;)

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