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awful food fads


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I've got a confession to make. Ever since I was about 4, I've had horrible problems with food. Until I met DH, I wouldn't eat anything dinner-wise unless it was with chips, or potatoe waffles, and only then things lke fish fingers, burgers etc. Obviously things like yoghurts, ice cream, crisps, chocolate as well... and I've always been really overweight.
Since meeting DH, he has gradually got me eating more and more things, however, I still have an awful diet. I don't like vegetables at all (can manage mushrooms and onions), I start to retch if I try them. Fruit I'm a bit better with, can do apples, oranges, strawberries, mango... As you can imagn, eating anywhere is an embarrasing nightmare, and as for the damage that 22 years of this sort of diet has probably done my body doesn't bear thinking about! :(

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find a way to do SW, but I desperately need the routine and group support of a weight loss group. Sorry to sound so whingy.
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Have you tried purying veg into sauces, eg shepherds pie but mix carrots with the potato, or chilli but puree veggies into the sauce, eg peppers, beans etc.

I'm sure if you introduce a little at a time things will get better, you're already making some improvement to your diet.

Good luck with SW :)
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^^ thats a really good suggestion.

i think youl find a fair few people have got issues with fruit and veg.. you can do this and it sounds like youv been able to eat a few interesting and experimental foods, like mango! - so congrats on that!

welcome to sw,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Why not let us know all the foods you do like, and we can suggest some SW friendly alternatives!! For example, you can make awesome burgers really easily and have them with SW homemade chips which are yummy and if you have a small wholemeal bap you can count that as a Healthy Extra B! You like fishfingers, so you can make your own fish goujons (counting the breadcrumbs as a HEX B). And you like potato waffles- you can make some mashed potato and Frylight them to make potato cake type things! You can have lovely cooked breakfasts with very low fat sausages, lean bacon, baked beans etc. If you love your puddings there are so many you can make using SW friendly ingredients like fromage frais, Mullerlights, Quark soft cheese, sugarfree jelly, artificial sweeteners, Options hot choc sachets and egg white! SW is actually probably ideal for you actually as you can adapt so many recipes!! Use Minimins to your advantage as you will pick up so many great tips here and get amazing support!!X


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wow, thanks for all your support girls, you're amazing! Good to know that you don't think it's hopeless for me to try :)

I like all most all meats (except lamb if it has mint sauce!), rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, tinned spagetti, omeletted eggs (dh is working on other cooking methods).


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Green or red days may be better for you as you wouldn't have to worry as much at this stage about having your one third superfree foods at each meal. Get used to eating differently and gradually increas one or two morsels of veg. Blend them if necessary and use the mixture as a base for spaghetti bolognese, curry or gravy x
What about having your vegetables raw? Carrot, celery, mange-tout peas, peppers, etc. I wouldn't eat cooked vegetables when I was a child, and only started eating them when I realised it wasn't actually necessary to boil the life out of them! I grew up on raw vegetables.


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having them raw won't work either, I'm that awful :( However, the idea of blending them into sauces might work, it's often the texture that gets me, so blended might do it :) I dread the idea of passng this on if we ever have kids, good job DH eats almost anything!

Lucky7~ In the many years I've been on different forums, I've never been called a troll before, though I suppose it happens to everyone eventually. I haven't got many posts yet because I'm completely new and clueless about SW at the mo. Once I get started, I'll be much more active :D
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hun i'm just the same as u and i hate it.
yesterday we had a taster day at sw and there was nothing there i would like. but i decided it was the best time for me to try things i put a bit of everything on my plate but i still didn't try everything and the things i did try where ok but i wouldn't have more than one spoon and then i binned everything i felt so embrassed.
since joining sw i have tried more veg and other things but i always tend to go for food that i'm used to which usually isn't healthy.
only way i get round it is by making my unhealthy stuff myself and making it healthy etc homemade burgers homemade chips i enjoy sw and manage to do it hun so can u good luck


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thanks hon :)

are the group leaders weird about it, or quite understanding?