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Awful Weekend

Hi, I had an awful weekend, ate Saturday and Yesterday, not huge amounts but had a salad on Saturday and yesterday a Roast dinner without the potatoes. Problem was my husband and I were in the process of adopting a little boy, we met with his Social Worker on Friday to get an update etc, well it turns out that his behaviour and problems are going to be far to much for me and OH to cope with, obviously wont go into details, but suffice to say he needs 24 hour one to one care and I dont feel that we can provide that. The adoption process has been going on for months now, we have had medicals, interviews, police checks etc all for this little boy and now I feel like I am a failure becuase I cant provide him with what he needs. The Local Authority that were conducting the home checks can no longer carry on with our assesment as we have now moved out of the borough, so we would need to start the whole process again with our new local authority as we are not taking this little boy. Just things got to me at the weekend and I just had this overwhelming urge to eat. SO I have to get back onto things again today, off to get my first shake and pint of water now. Sorry to moan on ! have a good day everyone. xx
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I'm sorry you've had a bad weekend Claire :( You are NOT a failure though. If you don't feel you can provide him with what he needs then it is better to find out now I am sure. I really don't think you have failed at all!

I hope you have a better day today.

Take care
Thanks so much x

Lots of hugs to you. I don't think you are a failure - just honest. You absolutely did the right thing - somebody else who feels that they can offer that little boy what he needs will come along and you will find the right little one for you xxxx
oh clare im sorry you had an awful weekend,you should of pmed me if you wanted to sound off.You are not a failure mate and its a good job there are people like you to do what your doin.sending you lots of hugs matexx
Oh Claire, I really feel for you and Im not surprised you ate considering the news you have had to cope with this weekend. You wont have done much damage to the diet if you get back on track today.

Dont let this situation deter you from adopting again. My husbands cousin and his wife have adopted two wonderful children who had been to hell and back with their real parents. It took them years going through the processes to be approved, but they are definately blessed now with two wonderful kids, and of course the children have a wonderful life with two caring parents that they would not have received if they had stayed with their own families.
Thanks to you all for kind words, had a few tears ! xx
Bureaucracy can seem souless at times, can't it? But hopefully both you and this little boy will find the right matches in due course. Well done for your bravery in volunteering. I'd be petrified.
everyone has been so kind on here, thanks so much x

Hi Claire
I think you and your hubby are truly amazing people to adopt. Don't beat yourself up, the right child will come along soon. Big hugs:grouphugg:

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