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Awwww crap, whats going on!

I just caved and ate a tin of tuna instead of my shake, i felt so sick thinking of the shakes I ate the tin of tuna instead. Do you think it will knock me out of ketosis. I look at the stats on the tin and there is only 107 cals in a tin (so less than a shake) and no carbs or practically anything else just protein. I just couldnt do it i had to eat something. I think its cos im not in ketosis yet after the weekend and im off work this week so its making it worse cos im getting bord in the house :-( im annoyed with my self now after doing so well in 6 weeks.
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Hey Lucie, in the great scheme of things it's just a mistake...put it behind you and plan to stay 100 % going forwards! Very much doubt it will have knocked you out of ketosis, it's basically protein after all. Keep smiling! Try to take your mind off things though while you're at home this week.. If you're anything like me, Id spend my time obsessing about food- have you got much planned for the rest if the week??


Determind dieter :D
Lucy ...your only human! We all have blips...its how you deal with the blip afterwards that matters. Don't get overly upset about this ...just learn from it and move on honey. You've been doing so well :) x x x
I know, im just having a hard few days, i think with the weight not shifting that i put on at the weekend its making me disheartened. But i know if i stick to it next week will come off no bother.. its just so hard. thanks girls x


Determind dieter :D
I had that happen in week 2 when I stayed the same :( ...it really bummed me out as I'd only been doing the diet for a short time and thought I should be losing rather than getting stuck! Since then I've decided to step up the water intake and this week I've started doing exercise to help shift the weight :) so we'll see at WI on friday what difference it makes ;) x x x
Ahhh finally it's coming off! I put 7lb on from the weekend, lost 5lb over night, so just another 2lb to break even by Monday. Fingers crossed!
Hi, Don`t worry I had a tin of tuna too last week and I still lost.. its protein hun and wont knock you out... its carbs bread, fruit etc that will..... hope your ok and well done on 5lbs off literally overnight!! wow!! You`ll do it you know you will GIRL POWER!! lol xx
This may be slightly controversial but I offer it as a potential solution to getting bored with the shakes as I know I get bored with having them ALL the time.
I usually have a hot vanilla shake with a spoonful of coffee each morning then a choc (hot) shake with peppermint tea bag for lunch if not travelling - if travelling I have a slim & save bar (these are TFR products and are gorgeous - banana and choc, choc truffle or lemon and white choc are the ones I buy), and for tea I tend to have LT chicken soup. Sometimes though just for a welcome change I will have a slim and save spaghetti bolognese or cottage pie - both are delicious!

They just give me a sense of having something different and are actually a bit like eating real food. They are TFR and similar in make-up to the LT shakes and do not seem to be affecting my losses or ketosis at all.

You may want to try them if you are really finding sticking to the shakes boring and tough. Hope this helps and don't beat yourself up about the blip - look how far you have come xx

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