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Today I took myself off into town to buy Christmas presants. I had every intention of getting it all done today as I won't have much time to do it over the next couple of weeks.

So what did I come home with? 2 school t-shirts, hair bobbles and tights for Amy and boxer shorts for Chris. :confused::( I even paid my first visit to Primark and only bought a shower curtain (which I don't even need!:rolleyes:)

I did manage to buy the Hairspray dvd so that's one present bought so far lol! :rolleyes::D

Am I the only one who finds it difficult deciding what to buy people for Christmas? It never used to be like this - I was always one of those annoying people who started in September but for the past few years I just haven't been able to get my act together lol. :eek::D
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good idea mike. i took the old-fashioned route today and actually went into some shops!! think im almost ready for xmas, which is completely unusual for me. usually get everything in the last week!
Jo and I took a day of 2 weeks ago to go Xmas shopping in Norwich and ended up in Starbucks three times and came home with a couple of Lush bath bombs and a book for Jo!! (Nice coffee though!)

By the way if anyone is struggling with my Xmas present then I will accept this little one...

Hovpod ACX 52 - I Want One Of Those

Deliver to me at home or down the beach would be good!

I'm beginning to think I've had too many 'senior moments' lately lol! But at least I'm not the only one Mike! I wouldn't have minded so much if I was out shopping with someone else today but I was all on my lonesome so don't even have the excuse of being sidetracked by someone. :rolleyes:

Just had a look at your Hovpod Mike, only 14 grand! :eek: Cheap as chips lol!:D
lol Delli

Much appreciated!! I'll park it in the east wing next to my ferrari.



Gotta Make A Change
i done all my xmas shopping online
the family is easy, its the other half im struggling with dont know what to buy her
i done all my xmas shopping online
the family is easy, its the other half im struggling with dont know what to buy her

OOh you mean you haven't asked her? Well done! My ex just used to give me cash and say "treat yerself luv" or he'd buy the most awful pressies thinking I'd LOVE them! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Hadn't been shopping for quite a while and last week decided to make sure I got all the family's special cards plus a few prezzies. I did actually buy two cards (could kick myself as they cost £5.25 each and I've lost them along with hubby's anniversary card - oops!) plus I bought three coats, a top, a dress and a pair of trousers, and a jumper...oh and a Radley bag which was half price in the Debenhams sale. None were prezzies ...they were all for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself buying them.

Trouble is I've got to go out shopping again now for the prezzies and I've seen so many lovely things I want...and I have the excuse to buy them as I've had to give loads of stuff away. Just need to win the lottery now so I can afford to shop.
Sorry you lost those cards Sweetpea, so expensive too! :( But yay for treating yourself to a few new things! ;):D Those Radley bags are lovely aren't they? Like you said though, you do need to replace some of the stuff you've had to give away otherwise you'd have nothing to wear lol! :D

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