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Aymee's Lipotrim Diet Diary - Started 17/01/11

Well, the first day was hell, to put it mildly! :sigh:

I thought I'd be alright, but since I'm the cook of the house, I still have to make the kids dinners/lunches ets and also DH's and that was hard.
Went to bed with a MONSTER headache last night, but I'm told thats normal. Woke up with the same headache this morning, but it's worn off a bit now. :D

Struggled a bit at lunchtime, I miss chewing!
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Hi Aymee,

yesterday was the first day for me too. Suffering with mild headache but feel alot more motivated today after finding a shake that i actually like. Things will get easier. Just gotta take it one day at the time. At the moment cooking for the family hasn,t been too bad. I make sure that I'm not hungry before I start.

I had to do food shopping this morning which I found quite difficult, knowing that i wouldn't be eating any of it isn't easy, it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make though. I'm making sure that i'm drinking plenty of water and as yet have had no hunger, no cravings.

I wish you success on your journey.
Oh, just noticed that you're aiming for around the same loss as me. Let's try and keep each other motivated and well done for getting through day 1.


Fighting for My Health
Hi Aymee. Welcome, and good luck :) xx
Day 3 today and I'm not sure how I feel.

Didn't wake up hungry this morning, so didn't have a shake, but took my youngest to playgroup. I really should be a bit more organised, as I didn't get home again till after 12, I was starving, thirsty & dizzy!

I really am missing food today - just making the kids lunch, where I would normally have a couple of crisps, or a quick sandwich, I just can't anymore. :(

Oh well, on the up and up, I will get through this! :D

Have just made up a chocolate shake into a mousse and now i'm eating it feeling so guilty, cos it looks like proper food - I must be a nutcase!!
Just licked the bowl and got chocolate on my nose - apparantly I can't reach my nose with my tongue, lol :p
Have woken up this morning with a very strange taste in my mouth. I'm not hungry at all though today which is brilliant, as I really struggled yesterday, especially in the evening when I was cooking dinner.

I have to try and get out of the habit of looking in the fridge every time I go into the kitchen. I was a boredom eater, so whenever I went into the kitchen my thought was 'I wonder if there's anything nice...'

Day 4 - bring it on.....


Fighting for My Health
Strange taste is good - well, sort of lol. Means you are prob in ketosis :D My mouth tastes like a stinky dap today (not that I ever tasted one for real you understand ;) ). Vile! Never brushed my teeth so much as whilst on this diet!

Hopefully now in ketosis, things will start to get easier. May still take a few days though :) Keep going. You're doing fab :)
Okay. Day 4 = worst day ever. I am seriously struggling with this now. I just want to eat. The day is dragging oh so slowly and I'm just so impatient to see results.

I KNOW this works, I know people who have used it and they're results have been fantastic, so why am I so convinced that no matter how religiously I stick to this, I will never be thin?
That this will never work for me, it only works for other people?

Please help me stick with this, I'm so close to caving......
:cry:I know how you feel I felt like that every day for about 5 or 6 days but dont cave in....

I weighed in this morning after 10 days on this and had lost 15 pounds. You are slightly shorter than me in height but we have similar BMI's and similar weight loss goals!!! WE CAN DO IT :D:D:D
It is difficult aymee, try and do things to occupy yourself. My little jack russell has never had so many walks! I wemt to the movies the other afternoon, saw the kings speech which was really quite good... the only thing was my stomach was rumbling the whole way through! I was convinced someone was going to turn around and tell me to shut up!!...
Lipotrim :(

Hey Aymee,

are you still on lipotrim? how is it going for you.. i am starting tomor and already feeling like a failure... i was on it before about a year ago and lost bout 1 and a half stone .. but then got bit expensive and I quit... but i mean business this time ha.. if only i can find the motivation

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