B*gger, I am having a crap week!


I really shouldn't be moaning but I am having a real rough time this week.
This is my fourth week on VLCD and I don't know whether I am hitting my first 'wall' or whether it is because it is the TOTM, but I just want to cry. My eldest is back from Uni this weekend, and I so look forward to him coming back but everytime he is here it just ends up in rows. I am desperately trying not to over react to stuff and try to factor in PMT issues but it isn't working.
My husband went shopping and I spotted a tub of cheeselets. These are my most favourite nibble in the whole world and we only ever have them at Christmas and it killed me to see them. I am so close to cheating and I really don't want to so I have locked myself away with a bottle of water.
On a positive note at the end of week 3 I had lost a total of 22 pounds which I am over the moon about but I am wondering how TOTM affects things as well?
I don't have a counsellor yet as I have been 'going it alone' but I am going to meet one next week and join a group. I am sure that will help as well.
My friends husband started LL a week ago. He lasted 4 days and then hit the Chinese but he never really wanted to start in the first place so it wasn't going to last. The rotten thing is that he then spent the next 4 days trying to get me to give in. It was probably so that he didn't feel so guilty but I guess that hasn't helped me.
I don't know why but I seem to constantly want to test myself as well. I have arranged for 20 people to come over tomorrow for a feast before a fireworks display. I shall be preparing all of the food on my own. What the heck is that about!
Well I guess that is enough for now but if anyone does know how TOTM can affect you including weight loss for that week your wisdom would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks for being here MiniMins.

You are entitled to have a bad week missis so rant away

Its good for the soul.

Hopefully things will get better.

I dont think its self sabatoge but a feeling of 'normality' sans the grub. Dont panic, its normal.

Take it easy - squeezy

Hi Meddie, :)

I remember when i was at week 3 and i remember having a few days like i was on day 3 on my first week. I was snappy, moody and just fed up. The moods do go, and i am not a woman so i can't comment on t.o.t.m but i am sure this hasn't helped.
It must be hard as well not having the support of a counsellor and especially your hubby. I think you are doing fantastic keeping yourself going as you are. Alot of people would of given up a long time ago, and they do.
Remember at the end of the day you want to be happy and being fat is not going to get you there. I am talking from experience and the feeling when you get to your goal is a feeling i cannot explain.
Making food for other people is normal while on the diet. For some reason our views on food do change and we tend to enjoy working with food rather then eating it, i certainly do. Just think putting yourself into these situations are all going to help you get stronger and resist tempations.
If you are having a moment and want to chat always talk to us and keep us updated on your progress.

Nick :)
Hiya Med!

Yeah I used to test myself along the way by cooking for loads of people. Just make sure that when you stick to the diet that you take pride and draw strength in being able to show control over food and use that to drive you on to being slim.

Also I bet your friend who stopped after 4 days may suddenly want to start again when everyone is saying how amazing you are looking.

Good luck over the weekend and stay strong.

Morning Babe
How are you feeling today.
You are doing so well espacilly as you are doing it on your own.
Have fun doing the food and just keep thinking how good it feels to see the pounds drop off.
I think doing food for others is a diet thing,In my first week I had my brother and his family round for dinner cooked a great dinner and washed up while they eat.I have had people round and done the full Sunday roast but in the middle of the week.Every 2 weeks I do food for my Hubbies Cribb team and love doing it including making bread pud.
Cooking is my way of being near the food without eating it,I love seeing people enjoying what I cook.I love to cook,one reason I started CD at 20st10lb I expect.
Anyway enough about me.
Hope you have a good weekend,hope TOTM not to bad,
I will not be around over the weekend as away till Monday but know lots of others around so pop on here when you feel like giving in .
The help and support on here is so great.
Looking forward to reading how good you have been when I get back.
Meddie, don't worry about the crying business, my CDC said it's very common at this point in the diet. She's american, and calls it a "pity party". I didn't actually suffer it myself, but got very touchy and difficult (even more than usual so my DH says).
I enjoy cooking while on the diet, smelling it is nearly as good as eating it. My only problem is not being able to taste stuff to check seasoning etc.