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  1. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Hello all, new to the forum but definitely not new to slimming world.

    Back in 2011/2012 I weighed 11st, I managed to get down to 9 and half stone by the wonders of SW on EE, fitting nicely into size 10, sometimes an 8 at a squeeze!

    In 2012 I had a baby (beautiful little girl) and now I a 3st up! My current and starting weight is 13st4lb, fitting into a size 12-14 :sigh:

    I have had a lot going on the last year which is why I haven't got back into slimming world sooner, I wish I had though as the way I feel about myself and have for over a year now has been horrible(very sad face) .

    I go go to the gym 4times a week and do really push my limits, I have a lot of motivation in the gym so decided it was time to get motivated again o SW which is why I am here now.

    I kept a food dIary back on 2011 when I first started SW, I dug it out the other day assuming I could get back Into those eating habits, how wrong I was...

    Back then I barely ate anything I actually didn't realise how little I managed to eat I was surviving on 1 coffee with sugar in the morning, fruit through the day and 1 meal in the evening, never going over 5syns a day! Now at 3st heavier there is NO WAY I can do that again!

    So this is where the forum comes in as this time I need more help to keep motivated, so therefore publicly displaying my daily food diary seems like a good way to start to gain support and advise and maybe my posts can help someone else out there who is struggling.

    I started the EE plan again yesterday(7th April 2014) as well as still hitting the gym hard and am feeling very positive.

    I also have the added naughty bonus of owning a FlabElos machine, naughty as it cost too much lol but it's nice to jump on once a day to help with the toning. My partner and I are also on day 8 of the 30 day squat challenge, going well, legs are aching!

    Anyway enough of me rabbiting, here's my food diary from Day 1 (yesterday) :

    breakfast; coffee with a dash of milk and 2 sugars (2 syns and half my HE group A)
    ; chocolate and coconut alfren bar (3.5syns) - can someone let me no if this could be included In HE group B as it says alfren light bard, but not sure if this flavour is light???

    Working all all day with no break so I was snacking on FREE slices of ham (I love ham)

    drinks; sugar free squash, no syns!

    Dinner; baked cannelloni, recipe on slimming world website, 1 syn with cherry Pepsi Max, 0syns!

    topped the cannelloni with a bit if cheese so used as second half of my HE group A and changed the filling from cottage cheese and spinach to ham and leek with thyme seasoning. (All free ingredients)

    total syns; 6.5 !

    Thank you for reading. Xx
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  3. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Day 2...

    breakfast; coffee with 2sugars (2syns) ,kewi fruit FREE , milk was HE group A

    lunch; mini quiche muffins from slimming world website. FREE

    was abit naughty and also had 2 cocktails for lunch which made 11syns.

    Dinner; turkey bacon and thyme hotpot (another SW recipe!) 1syn... with a cherry Pepsi max (FREE)

    iv also snacked on a few free foods throughout the day such as melon and seafood sticks.

    Syns for the day; 14:confused: (Abit high for me!)

    Slimming tip: use around breeze blue milk, it us 48 calories for whole tube, meaning you can combine it with other things for your healthy extra in group or simply drink the whole bottle if you wanted to!
  4. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    sounding very good so far, I have to say I eat a lot more then you :eek: I would struggle eating as little as you do Lolol

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  5. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    A lot of mine is to do with time, I work constantly from 12-7pm and do not get time to eat between those times! Literally all I do have time to do I grab a slice of ham/seafood/banana ect. If time wasn't against me, I probably would eat more.

    I'm also daughter and skip breakfast as I go to the gym 9am 4times a week. But my evening meals are big portions lol.

    I am am really poorly at the moment with what is the worst cold I have ever had, so food diary will be pretty boring.

    Day 3 ( yesterday)

    breakfast; coffee with 2 sugars (2syns)

    lunch; sandwiches, 2rounds of toasted bread (HE group B), chicken , melted cheese (HE group A) , ham and mayo (2syns per tbs) , drank 2 Pepsi max with this (FREE)

    snack; another coffee 2augars (2syns) and 1 left over mini quiche muffin (FREE)

    dinner; Heinz spaghetti with sausages (7 syns-according to another forum on this site so will have to assume it's correct) with 2 cups of tea no sugar (no syns and used almound milk which can be combined in my HE group A with the cheese)

    syns for for the day: 13

    target for today is to be below 10syns in total.
  6. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Good day today in terms of syns but still poorly so haven't ate much !

    this morning my usual coffee with 2sugars , 2syns and almound milk is HE group A

    no lunch, instead it just occasionally grabbed a FRES snack , such as mire left over mini quiche muffins, seafood sticks .

    For or dinner I had spicy chorizo stew which isn't a SW recipe so please comment if you would like the recipe. It was very yummy and 5.5 syns.

    Drinks were Pepsi cherry max which is FREE

    total syns; 7.5
  7. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

  8. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Thank you :) will do a weigh in 4 days!

  9. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    My my spicy Chorizo stew from last night xx

  10. Missjlouise

    Missjlouise Silver Member

    This thread is making me hungry you eat very well I love it! SUBSCRIBED :)
  11. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Aww thank you :) xx
  12. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Another very successful day!

    Still abit bit poorly but I'm by tomorrow I think I will be back to normal!

    Breakfast is my usual coffee with 2syns of sugar! Almound milk again is the must have!

    No snacks today either. I actually ate lunch and dinner lol! Apart from a tea with no sugar.

    Lunch; big bowl of salad containing lettuce and cucumber with salmon slices and prawns (seafood lover I case you haven't already guessed that!) , banana for after and a cherry Pepsi max - 0syns!

    For dinner Chinese Pork (spare rib style) stir fry, it's my own creation, but u have optimised it to fit In with SW, will post recipe below! 3.5 syns per serving!

    More pepsi max to drink, bringing my total syns for day to just 5.5 and I do have a nice full belly!

    Recipe for Chinese pork, spare ribs style; 3.5 syns per serving if your only serving 2 people (like me)

    - 1 red pepper
    - 1 red chilli
    - spring onion
    - 2tbs light soy sauce
    - 2 tbs oyster sauce (1 syn per tbs)
    - 2 tbs dry sherry (1 synPer tbs)
    - 1tbs cornflour (3 syns per tbs)
    - 2 cloves of garlic
    - pork (amount depending on how many people your feeding AND make sure all visible fat is cut off)
    - egg noodles
    * optional extra - dark soy sauce

    how to do it;

    marinade des the pork in the soy sauce, sherry, oyster sauce, cornflour and garlic. Give it a stir until it's smooth them leave in the fridge for 30mins

    fry the pork in a pan sprayed with low fat cooking spray until cooked.

    add the pepper, spring onions and stir in well.

    finally add the noodles and a light seasoning of dark soy sauce (if you choose to use this) for extra flavour, then leave to simmer for about 10mins.
  13. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Do finitely trying this recipe! Do you think it would work with thin cut beef?
  14. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    I missed out green pepper!

    The he recipe also include 1 green pepper! I use half the red pepper and half a green pepper as again I'm only serving 2 people.

    Yes Pippa I I gone it would work with most meats!

    How do I upload pictures by the way? Don't think my one yesterday worked and I have a picture of the Chinese pork! Xx
  15. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I do mine on my app on my iPhone so not sure how you do it normally :( sorry!

    Told my boyf we're having chorizo stew next week. His little eyes lit up! Haha!
  16. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Bloody auto correct, third line down should say, 'I imagine'
  17. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

  18. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member


    Just down loaded the app!

    This is the Spicy Chorizo Stew.
  19. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Deliciousness! What beans do you use? I'm loving haricot at the moment!
  20. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member

    Haricot beans Hun xx
  21. BeaRox

    BeaRox Full Member


    This is the Chinese pork , spare rib style, made into a stir fry xx

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