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Babies & Cambridge?


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I had my second baby 7 weeks ago & REALLY REALLY want to do a VLCD...
My mum is currently on LL & I was going to do this also.
But they won't let me join until baby is 12 weeks.... Is this the same on Cambridge?
If so, is there no way around it. I'm otherwise healthy & not breastfeeding....

I'm just so depressed about my weight & can't face waiting another five weeks before starting.... A pound a week on ww & the like is just not enough!

BTW I'm 11st 3lb, 5ft 2in & want to be back to 8stone & in my beloved Skinny Jeans!! xx
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Honestly I do not know, maybe they wont let you do it becuase you need lots of energy to look after a baby - as you know. No one is gonig to expect you to be thin and back in shape just a few months after having a baby. I f theywont enjoy your newborn and bollocks to how you look, at 12 weeks your little one will be in a routine so you could do cambridge and manage it easier - congratulations by the way!x
afraid cd is the same you have to wait 3months after having a baby to get started. You could always just stick to your own plan for the next five weeks then get started?


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CD is the same hun, you have to wait until 12 weeks.
Dont worry about your weight for the time being babes, your baby will be 12 weeks before you know it :)


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Tis true. You can't do any of the plans for 3 months, but strictly speaking, you shouldn't do any diet for that sort of time anyway. Not just cambridge.

It takes the body time to heal after the stress of pregnancy and labour.

And of course...if you are breastfeeding, you need a diet that contains way more calories than normal.

Would be a good time to get into a routine with healthy eating though and exercise. Pram walking aint bad ;)


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I'm in an exercise club for new mums, to get back in shape (even though I'm a not so new mum ;)). Maybe there's something like it in your vicinity?

At the club they told us walking with a pram costs 30% more calories than normal walking, so maybe you could take really long walks with the little one(s)?

Don't be to hard on yourself and your body, you just did the equivalent of a marathon on bare feet (giving birth). Give yourself some time to recuperate. We've got a Dutch saying, 'nine months on, nine months off'.
3 months will be here before you know it. Just concentrate on being a mummy for now. You can do Slimming World, so maybe its worth doing something like that for the first 3 months, then move on to a VLCD x


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it takes that long to get 'your bits' all recovered....the stress that has been put on your body is horrendous when you give birth thats why they dont recommend anything in that time......years ago...you used to have to have an internal at 3 months too!!!!!!!


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Thanks for all the replies..... I'm very impatient. lol I'm just eager to get going while I've got William Powers friendship on my side!

I've got a 19 month old toddler too, so don't feel like I've been thin for a long time...... I walk 10000 steps everyday, as me & my friend go for a walk every afternoon. I have a Phil & Ted's pushchair & with both children in it, it weighs 4 & a half stone!!
I've already dropped ALL the weight I put on while pregnant with Milo. I just need to shift the three stone I had left just before I found out I was pregnant with him, after having Anton...

I've emailed a councillor in my area & she's going to make me an appointment for when Milo is 12 weeks... Gives me something to look forward to then.

I never had to diet before I had babies, so I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find the right one for me....x
this diet is ace.....ive done them all....its not a 'forvever' diet but gives you the weight loss rapidly which gives you the incentive to carry on......i lost a lot but finding the belly hard to loose, i never ahd a belly b4 i had my little one!!!

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