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Baby Charlie has arrived so lets get on with shedding the rest of this wobble!!!


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*I have added a list of where all the recipes are in my diary...the list is on page 62 post 916 *

Hi everyone

I have decided to do an online diary in an attempt to keep myself motivated -and so I can eventually look back and see how far I have [STRIKE]hopefully[/STRIKE] come.

A bit about myself -well Im 37 and live with my wonderful hubby :0chacha:. We are posted in Germany at the moment and I love it -it would be nice to have slimmed down before we go back home visiting the UK again-so pinkies crossed everyone.

I joined Slimming world online after many a moon as a weightwatcher girl -I could shift the weight, but not keep it off :badmood:. Im on my 3rd week of SW and have lost 8lb so far which is a tiny drop in the ocean, but its a start :p .
I love cooking so I will be posting any recipes I concoct along the way in case they are of use to anyone ;)

My EE food today has been :-
  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 2 apples
  • huge salad
  • sliced roast beef
  • SW tartare sauce (free)
  • apple
  • cereal bar (B)
  • Goulash -home made and syn free
  • steamed potatoes
  • cauli
  • savoy cabbage
I might have a yogurt later -although the ones I have are 8syns :sigh: -but worth every last one of them :D

I hope to update every day -hope lots of other folks join in so we can encourage each other along the way ;)
Have a great evening and I look forward to losing weight with you all :party0049:
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Thanks for the welcome Lyn :D

Well its a miserable day out there -overcast, drizzly and really cold :winter_brr:

Hubby is at the golf competition today -so Im going to get on with some cross stitching when I have done this.. keeps my head out of the :eatdrink051:
My EE meals for today are:-

  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 1 apple
  • potato, cauli, cabbage -bubble n squeaked
  • oranges
  • chicken breast
  • steamed potatoes, carrots, peas and sweetcorn
  • carbonara sauce (from the sw 100 sauces) (1syn)
  • fruit
The carbonara sauce is for over pasta I guess, but I though it would go nicely with the chicken ;)

I didn't fancy proper brekkie this morning so I need to fit in my healthy(B) -I will see if I fancy something later, and I could do with using some more syns.. the problem is that I love my fruit so will fill up on that.

I have ordered some more of the Slimming world cook books, hopefully they will be here by Monday..I love cooking and have a huge collection of recipe books *but a few more can't hurt* can it? :8855:

So far this week we have done 2 walks of 40-50mins and Im hoping to get another one in tomorrow, weigh day is Sunday and hubby is losing weight along side me, although he doesn't have as much to lose. Im trying to use as few syns as possible in our meals -so hubby gets to use his on beer.

Right its time for lunch -so i will get off....


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Spring onion and cheese sauce recipe

A quick update for myself

Well we have just had dinner and it ended up being :-
  • chicken breast wrapped in foil and baked in the remoska
  • steamed potatoes in their skins
  • steamed carrots, mange tout and sweetcorn.
Then instead of doing the creamy carbonara sauce I made a couple of alterations...

  1. 2 spring onions chopped -and zapped in the microwave to soften
then I mixed :-
  1. 2tbs parmesan
  2. 4tbs quark -I used one with herbs in
  3. 7tbs milk
  4. 1 egg
  5. seasoning
  • I simply dropped the spring onions into a small pan -added the mix from above and heated over a gentle heat until thickened...
I poured that over the cooked chicken breasts...
It was lovely and its another "do it again" request from hubby :happy096:

I have also had an alpen light bar as part of my healthy B -so if I need anything later I can have the other one to go with it, failing that I will have more fruit...

Today has been a good day :party0011:. I know Im only on my 3rd week -but *touch wood* so far there have been no wobbles are sneaky eating -long may it last
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Morning all

Another overcast day here -still at least I can't claim "it's too hot to go for a walk" :giggle:

Im not entirely sure of todays meals yet -but I have have had :-
  • 250ml semi (A)-not used it all mind ;)
  • 2 weetabix (B)
I will fill in the others when we get back from our walk and a visit to the NAAFI -might see something yummy that inspires me ....
Its :scale: in for us tomorrow so pinkies crossed for that -then hopefuly my SW cookbooks will arrive on Monday so I can get the weeks meals planned -Im looking forward to some more recipes to try as I adore cooking :D

After years of being a Weight Watcher girl I think I have taken to Slimming world better than I had hoped -getting to have as much fruit as I like for "free" was the selling point for me, I eat enough fruit to keep a baby gorilla happy and it soon added up when you were counting points :doh:, so now I get to eat it as I want (which is all the time) ....
Right I had better get off for now and get my self ready to get off out, I will be back later once I decided what our meals are for the day
Have a great day everyone :D


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Ok -so now I know what the rest of my food is for today :bliss:-I know it might seem a bit odd to be so excited -but I need to be organised or I know I will "de-rail" myself
So todays EE food is:-

  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 2 weetabix (B)
  • 1 apple
omelette -made with :-
  • 1/2tsp oil (1syn)
  • chopped spring onion
  • red peppers
  • ham
  • sweetcorn
  • peas
  • 2 eggs
  • 20g low fat cheese (2syns)
  • 1 apple
  • 2 oranges
dinner will be
  • home made chilli *recipe to follow*
  • rice
  • peas
  • sweetcorn
and if I need anything after that it will be fruit or I may "splash out" on one of my 8syn yogurts :drool:-they are seriously gorgeous -but at 8 syns I guess they should be ! -Mind I am well under on my syns for this week so I really should use some up...

  • 800g lean minced steak
  • 3 medium onions -peeled and chopped
  • 3 pointy red peppers -de-seeded and chopped
  • 4 large carrots peeled and chopped
  • 3 red chillies
  • 1 carton passata
  • 1 tin chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tins red kidney beans -rinsed until the water is clear
  • 2 beef oxo cubes
  • seasoning
  1. Simple seal the meat in a large pan-drain off any fat (mine didn't have any :D)
  2. add the onions and cook until softened
  3. throw in the carrots and peppers and cook over a gentle heat -stirring occasionaly
  4. add the chillies and cook for 5 mins
  5. add the passata, tomatoes and oxo cubes
  6. stir well and put the lid on and leave to bubble away on a low heat until the carrots are cooked
  7. add kidney beans and seasoning and heat through
I like to make a big batch as hubby loves it -so I portion it up and freeze (when I have room in the freezers :8855:)

Im hoping that by doing this diary -I will be able to look back when I have particularly good or bad weeks and see what I was doing right or wrong
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Morning all

Today has got off to a good start - :bliss:a loss of 2lbs -
Now onto a new week -and my mission this week *should I choose to accept it* is to try and use up my syns :eat: , I don't know about everyone else but I really seem to struggle to make myself use them :confused: I think that I believe that eating less than Im allowed will speed things up -even though I KNOW that isn't the case.... Isn't it strange that someone who is sooooo overweight suddenly can refuse to eat what she is allowed :crazy:

Anyway I have started planning this weeks meals -I normally plan the main evening meal for me n hubby -but this week Im attempting to plan my whole days meals -Im hoping that by planning I can pencil in those Syns ...wish me luck

So todays EE is looking like this:-
  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 125 semi skimmed (3)
  • 1 weetabix (1/2B)
  • Roast beef
  • Steamed potatoes
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • peas
  • sweetcorn
Then tonight Im making Pizza - its strange as I have never been a fan of pizza, until I happened to have another go at making one and got it spot on -well for us anyway! it certainly isn't what you could call low in syns -hence it being the 1st time I have made it since I started SW ;). Anyway -the baguette dough is proving as I type .....

Mine will be:-
  • pizza base
  • roasted tomatoes -blitzed down
  • onions
  • mushrooms
  • red pepper
  • sweetcorn
  • ham
  • 40g low fat cheese (4)
I will add the syns for the base when I decide how much of the dough Im using for me .. Im having mine with salad in an attempt to "need" less pizza.
However much I use it looks like I will be getting off to a rip roaring start on using my syns this week :8855:
obviously I will be filling any gaps with fruit :D
Right -time to get off and have a cuppa -and get to work on the rest of the weeks meals
Have a great day everyone


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Hi Capricorn:wavey:

Just read your diary. You are doing amazingly well and sound so motivated. Well done you!

Just wanted to pop in to say hi and congratulate you on your losses so far. Oh and be warned, I may become a stalker of your diary for updates how you are using your syns :p. I love the pizza idea! Enjoy it hun xx
hi, i just read your posts and have an idea for you, i make a mushroom and leek sauce that can be used with chicken or fish, you fry some leeks and mushrooms in some fry light for a few minutes and add some hot vegetable stock to them to soften, then remove from heat once softened and add quark and salt and pepper to taste. this makes a lovely sauce without the use of milk and its syn free. enjoy xxxxx
Afternoon everyone :D

Thanks for popping in niknaks -please feel free to stalk me, thinking "someone " is :peep:might make behaving a little easier :p...
Mrsmitch01 -thanks for that recipe -Im going to copy it down so I can make use of it :clap:... I get through a lot of milk as Im a serious tea belly -although hubby reckons that only kicks in when he is around to make it for me :whistle: -I know I could go onto skimmed, but I would just need to put more in my tea! I hate having to spend syns on extra milk -so I guess I will just have to drink even more water .... I allready average 3 lites of sparkling water a day and spend all day up n down the blinkin stairs :eek: -still its extra exercise I guess.

We nipped to the NAAFI earlier and I got some lovely bacon medallions, oh and some fresh chicken breast reduced to €1.57 for 3 breasts -so i got 2 packs and have bagged them individually and wedged them in the freezer -which really, really can't take anything else now :p -I know it pays to be organised but I think Im taking it to extremes :D

Lunch was nice -in the end I ended up swapping my veggies around..so we had :-
  • roast beef (1 slice for me)
  • 2 steamed potatoes in their skins
  • carrots, cauli, broccoli, green beans
The baguette dough is resting and Im off to chop all the toppings in a moment ....I will update when I have made the pizzas and they are in the oven,,,,
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend


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Hi Capricorn, you sound so organised and I think that will be a big help to you on slimming world. As for me I'm so disorganised it's unreal and it's a wonder I've managed to lose any weight at all..! :D

I think I was very much like you in the beginning, not wanting to use my syns or just using them on things like mayo and ketchup (I LOVE tomato ketchup and just can't give it up)! I don't think I had any chocolate or cakes for about 2 months after I started sw because I was so worried that if I started noshing on goodies I would get the taste for it again but I have gradually relaxed the rules and of course you can't put off eating the things you really like forever or you'd tear your hair out :D

The food you're having looks great and I think you'll be very successful on the plan. Good luck!

Warning...stalking in process:p:8855:
:roofles: feel free to kick me if I start to lapse...

Hi MarieN - Im not normally this organised -honest.... I think Im just hoping that by plotting n planning there is less chance of me dropping a clanger, the idea is that by making a meal plan I can make sure Im getting plenty of variety and don't get bored ;)
Im a foody through n through so love to settle down with a good ole cookery book -its just that now Im paying more attention to the ingredients.

Anyway the pizza result is in and the verdict is a :woohoo:nomnomnom ....here is the :blahblah:

Pizza base makes 4 thin n crispy approx 8"-10"depending how crispy you like it @16syns each
  • 250ml warm water
  • 7g fresh yeast
  • 250g white bread flour 40syns
  • 130g plain flour 24 syns
  • 2 tsp salt
  1. dissolve the yeast in the warm water in a large bowl
  2. beat in half of each flour to make a batter -cover and leave to prove until light n frothy
  3. add the rest of the flour and the salt and knead until a soft dough is formed -cover and leave until doubled in size, or until you need to use it (baguette dough tastes best if given long slow proving)
  4. Cut into 4 and roll each piece out, fold into 3 -repeat with each piece twice more -then cover and leave to relax for 10 mins -
  5. the dough is then ready to use...
  6. roll to size and top ...
What I did :-
  • roasted some tomatoes down (I was too tight to waste syns)until well done n sticky -blitzed with a spoon of quark to give a creamy taste (so I needed less cheese ;)) left to cool and then spread over my base
  • topped with finely sliced onions
  • finely diced red pepper
  • Frozen mushrooms (defrosted and squeezed out)
  • defrosted sweetcorn
  • sliced ham -chopped
  • cracked black pepper
  • then I grated 20g low fat mature cheddar on (2syns)unless you have a healthy A left ;) -it doesn't sound a lot but I have a realy fine grater and it was plenty
Then you need the oven on full belt -place the pizza on the top shelf -then you need a plastic plant(about 3 sprays) spray bottle of cold water, and "mist" into the oven and close the door after about 5 mins -"mist again" then leave -it will cook fairly quickly -so keep an eye on it...if the base is done before the cheese is how you like it then you can turn the oven down a little and leave until done

*they usually take about 10-15 mins on one of those holey pizza trays*
I know it sounds a bit of a faff with the misting -but trust me it makes a difference ;)

So there you go my pizza came to 18syns -
but I only had 1/4 with salad -so just 4.5syns :happy096: :8855:-there is half left in the kitchen (hubby "tried" 1/4 just to see :rolleyes:)
Nearly forgot -I weighed it out of curiosity and the whole pizza weighed 330g -which is great as when I looked it up in the food optimising book the "best I could find was "low fat veg pizza" @ 10syns per 100g ........ and *breathe* ...heck it was turning into war n peace..
Anyway -for anyone still awake -I hope that recipe is of some use ...feel free to give me a yell if any of that ramble needs clarifying :p
Right I will get off and finish planning..
Morning all :sign0137:
I think I have finally decided that I do have some kind of intolerence to flour or yeast :cry:-I had noted pre-SW that I seemed to get headaches when I MADE bread, let alone ate it (not good for a carbohydrate junky).... was difficult to pinpoint as I have had head problems for over 10 years -which was finally correctly diagnosed as Chiari Malformation last year by a lovely lovely Neurologist (have to say these German Drs. are brilliant) -I had part of my skull removed last year to basically make more room for the base of my brain *I always new I had a big brain* :p -anyway Im going off on a tangent sorry...
Since I started SW I have steared away from bread and have felt great -well after yesterday piece of HM pizza -I got a really bad headache that has lasted all night and is still there (although I have now bombarded it with my painkillers) I also feel all bunged in my nose like I have a cold (another symptom I used to get quite a bit ) ------- So it looks like I will be staying off bread/yeast as much as possible -which should help in my battle of the wobble :rotflmao:
Anyway back to the matter in hand ....

Todays EE food plan looks like this :-
  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 2 weetabix (B)
  • 125ml semi skimmed (3)
  • orange
  • Goulash -leftover from the other day (0)
  • roast veg
  • orange
  • Tesco chicken breast wrapped in bacon (1)
  • steamed potatoes
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • sweetcorn
  • [STRIKE]SW cheese sauce (1.5)[/STRIKE]
  • fruit
  • creamy yogurt 8 syns
So my total syns for todays plan comes to 12 ...

We need to nip shopping tonight -Im down to just oranges in the fresh fruit department and I can't cope with that :eek:, so I think its pretty much just fruit n veggies and a couple of odd bits we need. We are going to one of the bigger supermarkets as I want to price up wii fit plus and the balance board thingy -In the naffi it came to €260 but if we get one from a German store we can get the tax off ;) -so if I can get hold of one of those I will be able to convince myself to get some exercise every day...
Right -thats plenty of waffle to be going on to..I will get off and get my brekkie -have a great day everyone
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Evening all
Just had dinner and in the end we didn't need the sauce (so that saves me 1.5 syns ) -I don't know if anyone has tried them but we had the Tesco simply cook (I think thats what they were called) chicken breasts wrapped in bacon -they come with a "pellet" that melts to make a bit of sauce... I only got them to try as they were "whoopsed" to 50c a pack -which has 2 in ;) on the EE they only cost 1syn -I have 2 packs left in the freezer -after that I will make my own (unless I see them whoopsed again) -hubby reckons Im obsessed with "whoopsies" :busted: :p....
Im super:bliss:as hubby came home from work armed with a package ....... some slimming world cookerybooks I ordered -although 1 is missing so I have e-mailed them..
I have had a quick flick through and :drool: I have seen loads of cracking recipes :eating: ....so I guess I will be sat this evening working out the next couple of weeks meal plans :party0011: ....right, time to get off and get planning... have a good evening everyone
Morning all
Hi ellebear -thankyou for taking the time to read... hope you pop in again, *feel free to give out any hints n tips you might have* -I will take all the help I can get :sign0151:
We have another overcast day here - I swear this place has its own micro-climate...makes it difficult to decide what to do as you can get up to :character00238: and 10 mins later its :raincloud: .........
Hubby will be home from P.T soon -3 4 days a week he has P.T at work, which means going to work and then coming home again to get a shower and get his uniform on -luckily camp is only 10 mins away in the car... but it is a pain in the backside for him. Between the P.T and his golf Im sure he should be as far through as a pipe-cleaner (not that I would want him thin ;)) -but I think his beer counteracts all the exercise.
Im really lucky with hubby as he eats most things and adores salad n veggies!!! in fact one of our fave meals has always been jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad :innocent0002:. I do sometimes wonder about him though as he has a thing for sesame ryvittas :silly: -what all that is about I will never know -he is always munching them DRY inbetween meals :yuk: -on the other hand he rarely eats fruit where as I eat enough to keep a baby gorilla happy :p...so at least I don't have to fight for the fruit!

Right after all that waffle, here is todays EE meal plan:-
  • 250ml semi skimmed (A)
  • 125ml semi skimmed (3)
  • 1 apple
  • 2 bacon medallions
  • 2 eggs scrambled
  • baked beans
  • Roasted veg:-
  • 1/2 tsp oil (1)
  • parsnips
  • carrots
  • onions
  • peppers
  • fruit
  • jacket potato
  • hm chilli
  • salad
  • fruit
  • cereal bar (B)
So thats only 4 syns ... I might have one of my creamy yogurts if I have room -that will be another 8 syns -see I WILL use my syns :thankyouthankyou:...
I think today I will carry on looking through the new cookbooks -whilst trying not to :drool: on the pages..
Hope everyone has a good day :D
I have been sat thinking *I do this sometimes* :p, and have decided that I need to set myself some goals ... and perhaps explain a little more about how I got here and what is my inspiration behind this...
So then ..a bit more about me *feel free to pull up a chair and grab a couple of matchsticks to keep your eyes open*....

I guess I have been overweight since I was in my teens -my 1st ever membership to a weightloss club was to Slimming World when I was 14 :eek: (I still remember the little black book with a fat red strawberry on)... and to be honest I have been ON or OFF a diet pretty much ever since :d'oh: ....to date I have done:-
  1. Slimming World
  2. weight watchers -more times than I can remember -I could always lose loads but then piled it back on +VAT
  3. ooohh I tried figure8
  4. Gillian mcKeith -you are what you eat
  5. and by far the worst(for me) Lipo Trim :9529:-we won't go into details about the constipation, bad breath etc :wave_cry:
After mainly doing WW I was quite nervous about SW as it was the "eat these free" section that worried that me.... but so far Im loving it and actually Im managing portion control rather well -in fact some of the recipes I see make my eyes water with the amounts, but Im not complaining it makes a nice change to think "thats far too much" rather than looking under the lettuce leaf for the rest of my dinner :8855:
I can see SW being a way of eating for the rest of my life -it seems so simple (remind me of this in a few months when Im struggling :p)

Anyway THAT is how I came to choose Slimming world..

So what has made me decied that NOW is the time .. well there was no big "this is it" moment-just a steady realisation that I could either carry on doing what I was doing and sitting on the sidelines watching the world go by -OR I could get off my lazy ass and start taking steps towards reducing my "wobble" and start getting involved with life.
Also I lost my beautiful big sis a couple of years ago to ovarian cancer :cry:-at the time I had lost some weight and she was thrilled and made me promise to keep at it -well it might have taken a while but I want to keep my promise :cross: -

Still awake everyone :rotflmao:

Anyway -lets think about some targets -I just have 2 at the moment, Im not thinking long term -I will deal think of another one every time I achieve one ;).....
  • To get rid of my 1st stone -
  • to get my wedding and engagement rings back on -the original ones -not the replacement one hubby got me in Greece :eek:
Back to today.... I have had a good look through my new Slimming world cookbooks ...oooohhh they are GOOD ..... so I have been sat with a pen n paper making note of all the odds n sods that are missing from my store cupboard. I do have loads of stuff as I love to cook -in fact I qualified as a chef when I was 18 -not that I have done it as a job :rolleyes:.. but there are a few bits I need....
Hopefully when I have been on here long enough to be allowed to add pics I will start adding photos of some of my creations :D
Right -if any of you are still awake :0clapper:.. and hopefully I have helped you pass a few minutes where you might have been thinking of having something extra to eat :8855:
I hope to see lots of people joining in on here at some point so we can cheer each other on and swap hints, tips n recipes...
Right I will get off ....keep at it folks -


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still loving the diary, and thanks for sharing the reasons behind your choice to be on SW! Ive been on most diets too - but this one i am confident is the permanent change for me!

Best of luck!


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