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baby number 4.......

hi guys. i have been a member of this website for a while now but over on the lipotrim forum. in the last 10 months through slimming world and lioptrim i have lost 5st 5.5lbs. i miscarried in september last year at 11 weeks probably due to the fact i was so obese and my blood pressure was through the roof, so i decided to do something about it come november.

now here i am, healthier, nice blood pressure and just generally feeling better.

i wasnt planning on getting pregnant just yet as i wanted to lose the rest of my weight first, but to be honest i feel good about it.

im not that far, maybe 4-5 weeks, but symptoms have started earlier. i think its true what they say, the more you have, the quicker you know your preggers.

but, not knowing i was pregnant, i have been doing lipotrim, total food replacement. i did it for 12 weeks april-july, then started again just over 3 weeks ago, so my first 4 weeks of pregnancy i have lost 1st 2lbs. so back to slimming world now as i love it.

sorry for the long post, i love to ramble on a bit. so, good luck to everyone else having a bean and those who are trying;).

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Congrats on your pregnancy and your amazing weight loss. Good luck with SW
hi guys. hope your all ok. i booked in for my first midwife appointment, its on tuesday. i guess it will feel a little more real when ive been to the midwife.

have been keeping nausea under control, as soon as i feel it i eat, but i snack on something healthy and low fat.

hope everyone else is ok today. keeping those babies healthy i hope:D:D:D

hi guys, went to the midwife today, everything is fine, i got my green notes:D:D:D:D, thats a sign your really pregnant.

my local maternity unit is closing in march so she said i would have to go for another hospital, but i am thinking about having a home birth. i discussed it when i was pregnant last year, but obviously wasnt meant to be. but i think i might go for that option. she said they didnt really need to know until 34 weeks, so i have plent of time. ooohhhhh i love babies and already want another lol!

Awww great news. Id love a home birth but not an option for us unfortunately.

I kinda want another already too - if dh heard me he'd have a stroke!!!
my other half did hear me. hahaha. we already have 3, i think maybe 4 is enough for anyone.

anyway, i went for my slimming world weigh in. usualyy with lipotrim i would weigh in the morning before anything, so after all of my food today and not thinking im gonna starve myself to get weighed in, i weighed 12st 10lb. although i did weigh myself this morning as usual and was 12 6.5lb. but as im doing slimming world, that is my new start weight. im quite happy with that. so need to gain as little as possible, not by starvation, just by eating well.

hope everyone else is ok today.


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