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Babysitting - help me resist temptation!


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So I am babysitting tonight, I like it as it's great money and very easy, I look after a very sweet studious 12 year old boy and a kitten.
HOWEVER! The mum is a very nice lady and always leaves me nice food, dinner tonight is Cobb salad so I will just go easy on the cheese and make up the dressing without oil for my plate, then add a little for the boy. But she has left me out homemade cheese straws, these amazing American cookies called 7 layer bar (can't remember what all the layers are but 3 of them are Fichte, chocolate chips and biscuit crumbs - you get the idea) AND Halloween candy!
Please can I have some advice on staying focussed as I was silly and didn't pack myself a banana or anything. I have one HEXA, one HEXB and 10 syns left today if that helps!
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oh hun, i thought it was bad when i babysit..
like you the moneys great and the little girl i usual looked after is only 8months.. so play, tea..bath.. feed.. bed. and telly for me for the rest of the evening.

however thier entire house is packed with goodies. The minute my arse hits the sofa i can hear it screaming at me.. eat eat eat..

however they dont intentionally leave food out for me so i suppose its not as bad.. its just when they say 'help yourself' and i think ' ha, do you not want any of your food left??'

you just HAVE to resist xxxx


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S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I did it! Thanks Fern! I had the salad w fat free dressing and a little bit of blue cheese, avocado and olives, but they were def within my syns, then found some fruit so had an apple and a pear for pudding. Luckily after the child went to bed I watched TV and the telly is on a whole other floor from the kitchen so I wasn't tempted.

Im really pleased because it has shown me that I can stay focussed when I really want to, and believing that I can succeed is half the battle for me. Hurray!

Also I still had a HEXB left when I got home so I had a Fibre Plus bar, yum.


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Babysitting is always a challenge for me too - its my uncle&auntie i babysit for - and they are all thin as rakes and have the biggest sweet tooth ever!! They have bars of share size dairy milk, muffins, donuts......nightmare!!! xxx

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