Back aboard the Lipotrim train!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim TFR 100%' started by Katie85, 13 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Katie85

    Katie85 Silver Member

    Juts wanted to say hello and say today is my 1st day of Lipotrim but not my 1st time on Lipotrim as i've done it a couple of times before. Shameful i know but my past experiences are going to make me more successful, i feel this time i'll see it out to the end.

    This forum was a godsend the last time, so much inspiration and support ... i hope it's just the same way :)
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  3. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Full Member

    Hi katie
    Welcome back. Were all in the same boat to be fair. Ive got several failed attempts under my belt.
    Ive lost 18lb in 3 weeks......its all possible on this diet
    Hope week one goes ok xxx

    start weight 12.2 current weight 10.12. total loss 18lb
  4. Kel75

    Kel75 Member

    Hi , I'm in exactly the same boat as you Katie, I'm on day 4 , this is not my first attempt either ,
    I had one successful attempt 6 years ago when I lost over 3 st , I kept it off for a year and it slowly crept back up , I've had a few failed attempts in between and here I am again !!
    i have a wedding in 7 weeks time and I'm hoping to have as much weight off as I can,
    best of luck xx
  5. Dooots

    Dooots Full Member

    Starting again tomorrow ... Same boat tried before ! But completely committed now. Good luck everyone .
  6. Kel75

    Kel75 Member

    Best of luck for tomorrow Dooots , I'm heading into day 6 tomorrow , I must say I'm totally committed this time , you definitely have to have the right mindset for this diet.
    loking forward to hearing hoe you all get on on your weigh ins xxx:)
  7. Dooots

    Dooots Full Member

    How are you getting on Kel ? I'm feeling very focused today just concentrating on the plan, it really gives amazing results. I'm off to Ibiza on the 31 st so it's really helping to motivate me. Really want to cancel my ticker though have forgotten my pin and can't update the weight. It's saying 10 2 but am actually 10 10. God I would love to get down to 9 13 for the hols, I know that's probably not very realistic but no harm in dreaming. Day 1 was 11 1 so roll on next Monday !!! What day are you weighing in .? Well done to make it to day 6 x

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