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Back - again, again!


Just about on the wagon!
Back again! I restarted a few weeks ago and did really well for my first week, but then changed jobs, went to leaving dos and was generally a naughty pixie, so I'm back to square one, and on day 3 for the 92nd time! Well it feels like it anyway! :break_diet:

So, this time I've tried something I picked up when I did my hypnosis at the end of last year, and I thought I'd let you know in case it's helpful to anyone. Basically I was told that it's much easier to achieve your goals if they're written down, a bit like doing all your tasks if they're on a list rather than if they're just in your head as things to do. Anyhoo, I've bought a blank exercise book, and I'm filling it up with different things. So I've started by sticking in a printed sheet to put in my measurements each week, then I've done a list of weeks I can put my losses in, then I've cut out some pictures from magazines of how I'd like to look, and 2 articles of Sonia from Eastenders and Molly from Coronation St who have both lost loads of weight and look fab. I'm also keeping a diary in it, and put down my goals and dreams, ie being able to cross my legs without my leg sticking in the middle of the air!! :p I'd love to cross my legs in a meeting without having to hoist it up onto my other knee, or sit with my feet crossed at the ankles. It's a strange thing I know, but it's something that I'm aiming for, as well as all the usual clothes fitting better etc.

Anyway it's working for me so far, and it's keeping me motivated, so I'm hoping that even if I do blip, the time and effort I've gone into will make me carry on, not beat myself up, and just knuckle down.

Phew, there you are. Hope it's of some help to you maybe.


That's all, toodlepip

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You sound as if you are finally in control of your destiny. Becoming a "Likes to Post" on the forum will also help to re affirm your commitment to what you are doing to help yourself as well as helping many others with their journey. Keep the faith, believe in yourself and you WILL do it. xx


Just about on the wagon!
Thanks Di - I'd love to be a 'likes to post' but don't know how. I assume I just need to pull my finger out and make sure I'm on here more often! ;)

By the way, I absolutely love your name - it made me laugh! Very clever! :character00238:



Needs a flattering photo
Hi LL, good luck with the restart. I think what you are doing is a brilliant idea with all your lists etc. I copied a weight loss spreadsheet from one of the CD threads and fill it in every week when I get back from wi. Its brill as shows how much you have lost, what % of your final weight you now are etc etc. I'm a bit of a spreadsheet freak so its right up my street, but I really would reccomend it. Make sure you take some regular piccies of you too to put in your book so you can see how you change. I really wish you the best of luck and I hope that by breaking it down and hab


Just about on the wagon!
Thanks Bobbin! I've actually just found the spreadsheet and was thinking how amazing it is. I'll definitely do that then! :D Wow I'm boring! ;)

By the way, your weight loss is amazing! Well done!!!


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