Back Again, Bigger Than Ever


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Here I am again. I stopped the sensible eating and the exercise, and am now 13 stone 2 pounds. :cry:I got New U personal trainer for the Wii at Xmas and started it last week and am also going to start doing Wii fit again.
I am bigger now than I was when I was first diagnosed with an under active thyroid.
Just goes to show how lazy I have been, but no more!!
My brother in law said to me at a party over Xmas, 'you've put some on haven't you? Look at the size of you' I hadn't seen him for about 6 months and didn't think i was too bad, got home and on the scales and 13 stone 2 lbs. So out comes Wii fit to weigh myself, same weight. I was hoping my scales were broken lol.
So that's it, 2 stone to get off to start with, although 3 would be better.
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Hi Coco

Good luck. You'll do it!

I do know how you feel. So many times in the past I have tried to lose weight and before I know it I weigh more than when I started.

I have finally found a diet that works for me and guess what I am actually sticking to it. Believe it that is a shock to me!
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good luck CoCo. How tall are you? You say you want to lose 2-3 stone so I am just wondering what bmi you hope to get to. Good luck with it. The Wii sounds like a good idea. x
S: 14st12lb C: 14st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.92%)
well 2 stone sounds like a good goal to start with and then maybe work on shifting a little bit more to get the 3 stone you want. You know you can do it. Theres lots of support and motivation here. Good luck x


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well done coco, getting the ball rolling with 2lbs off this week hope the rest of us on the restarters can do the same.