Back again for the last time !!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by pinki, 20 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. pinki

    pinki Member

    This has to be it, don't want to diet anymore so this time it has to work.
    Everyone is backing me so I carn't let them down. Lots of targets to aim for this year. First one a friends wedding end of May. So here goes first day back today.
    Feeling positive !!!!!
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  3. greenygirl

    greenygirl Full Member

    Hi there...welcome back.
    You sound really focussed....good on you
  4. Cheska

    Cheska always struggling

    :)Hi Pinki, just wanted to wish you luck on your journey.

    I am on my 2nd day so far so good - bit of a headache but trying hard to drink lots of water. I like you have struggled a few times getting back on track but feel quite determined and this is due to this website and all the lovely people who have motivated me.

    Keep motivated and keep in touch x
  5. pinki

    pinki Member

    Hi Cheska,
    Thanks for your encouraging words. It has been a struggle in the past but I do feel as though this is my time.

    I have a friends wedding May 24th and I would love to look slimmer for that so that is my first target.
    2nd day today for metoday, not too bad a day slight headache this morning but that was resolved witha couple of tablets and lots of water.

    Good luck to you also, think positive 'We will do it'

    Take care x
  6. pinki

    pinki Member

    Hi Greeny Girl.

    Keep it up you have done so well !!

    Love the picture.
  7. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Well done for restarting and good luck xx
  8. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I am restarting again today and hope this will be the last time too.

    Good luck and stay focused. x
  9. mrscookie

    mrscookie Member

    I'm back on CD and doing Day 1 today. I first did the diet in Sept 07 and lost 4 stone altogether. I have had a couple of attempts at a restart but nothing particularly successful. Now trying again for a last shot and I want to make it work this time. Now weigh more than I did when I started in Sept 07!

    Had 2 shakes so far and a litre of water. Feeling ok and am committed to making it work. Cleared my desk of all the usual day time snacks and have water and coke zero left.....

    here goes, want it to work and will do maintenance properly this time!

    Mrs C x
  10. pinki

    pinki Member

    Keep focused and think positive, I know how difficult it is, but like you I am going to make this the last time. I have set myself a few small targets this time and I am not going to get so hung up about how much I loose every week as long as I loose. I know it will take me some time to do this but I will get there as will you.

    Positive thoughts sent to you......
    :) Keep smilingx
  11. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    Hey you all im on my final restart too but Im now 10 weeks into it. I think when you get your head in the right place like you all have done it does work.

    I lost 4st 4 last time and fell at the last hurdle with 7lbs to go to goal and then have put it all back on and some. SO this time felt enough was was enough and this was it.

    So we can do it together x
  12. pinki

    pinki Member

    Words of encouragement goes along way, I am sure will succeed again. First weigh in today 3lb of, not spectacular but it is something. On the advise of my councillor I cut down carbs over the weekend and increased water. I started on the diet Monday and weighed in first thing today. I will be weighed on a Friday morning every week from now on.
    Still the weight is better off than on.
    Having a few problems in the loo department any advise !!!
    Keep in touch
  13. Cheska

    Cheska always struggling

    Hi Pinki, well done so far hun. My first weigh in will be Monday I started last Sunday so on my 6th day today and so proud of myself :p But I have had a few mishaps along the way like nibbling/picking ham, a little cheese, tuna but no big naughty things just little nibbles so Im not beating myself up as I feel Im still beinhg really good compared to what I would be like normally... once I break it Im off on one for at least a week then back to square 1 - no more of that for me :copon:.

    Constipation is horrid I struggle with the loo department anyway, but I take Dulcolax but only 1 otherwise you will regret it!!! :(

    Good luck and keep up the good work hun x
  14. tallybabe

    tallybabe Member

    Hi to you all. I am on my second week on CD and lost 9lb in my first week. Feeling good so far. I also suffer in to loo dept and am using the CD laxative which appears to be working well - give it a try. Has anyone tried the soups - I did not like them last time on CD and have not summoned up the courage to try them again. The porridge is great though, can definitely recommend it to you all. good luck:D

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