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Back Again, Hope I Can Do It This Time! :(

Hello Everyone,

I did liptotrim a few month ago and literly lasted a day or 2, my will power is very low :(, and it wasnt the fact i was hungry just felt the need to eat. Really want to lose the weight!!! :mad: Will be re-starting tomorrow, if anyone has any tips for keeping on track id really appreciate it. :)

thanks, danielle x
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Good luck to you!!! The support on here amazing.... use it!!!! Take one day at a time hun.... all the threads on here are a great distraction!!! xxx
Hi Danielle, the best of luck to you!

Try to get past the first week if possible cause it is going to be hard, but it gets so much easier after that. I had a horrible first week too but it just suddenly clicks in and you feel better!


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Hi Danielle and :welcome2:

Just wanted to wish you well on your weight loss journey. You know our starting stats and goals are very simular.

I'm relatively new here [3 weeks] and I've had a blip along the way - [if you really want to be bored to tears you can read about this on the 'weight loss diaries' 'Let's shrink the bear'
But somehow... this time I'm making progress so just keep plodding. One day at a time, you can do no more...

Good Luck - there's a quote on here somewhere saying something about failure being not the fall but the failing to get up again... come on, let's keep scrambling to our feet !!! LOL

Thank you all for your posts :), So far so good ive been keeping my self busy and staying away from the kitchen lol. Do any of you no if you can chew on chewing gum or not? thanks so much x
No chewing gum....I really miss it, was addicted to it :(
This website keeps me on track its really good..wish i had discovered lipotrim and this forum earlier :)
I thought the same myself 'how am i gonna cope'... but here i am nearly on day 14! 100% TFR!! I am a stone lighter and have my weigh in monday... The weight loss keeps me goin :)
Well im at the end of day 1, about to have my last shake of the day and still 100% :p, not even felt the need to eat were as last time i had given up by now :mad:. I think once i get over this week and see how much ive lost that will give me more motivation to stick with it. well done to you all on your weight loss!!:bliss:


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hi, I keep a greetings card with me at all times that has a list of my goals mini and big, a picture of myself on my first day to remind me of why i am doing this, a calendar so i can tick off the days and most importantly a picture of the dress i want to get into by my holidays i find it helps to keep me on the straight and narrow, you might find something similar useful too ?!?
Lilac, that is a great idea, i just have THAT photo on my phone that just disgusts me when I see it - i never thought I was that big. But I'll only put it up on this forum when I have a nice after pic to go with it :rolleyes:
Thanks Lilac, i think ill take your advice and do the same :)

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