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.............back again...........


Going to do this......
Like a bad penny i have returned, done cd+ for 4 days.:eek:..not hungry But i want to eat real food!!!:sigh:
So will go down the route of low carbs would like to do atkins but prob would go over 20g so low carb it will be.:)...
so far..
fried egg on toast (bread was only 8.6 g).
lots of water
Green tea
just about to have diet coke(i am an addict).

good luck to all of you out there
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Going to do this......
then for lunch i had green salad with chicken and a bit of cottage cheese.

dinner was cheese omlette and green salad.

loads of water
snack atkins chocolate bar (3g).....

does this sound ok? whoops a small whiskey as well

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
I've heard cottage cheese isn't great, maybe because of the milk content. You should be aiming for 20g carbs a day, 15g of which should be veggies, then your meat or dairy should be the rest. Be careful of cheese as it contains carbs and can stall you. These are induction rules, though, so depends what you want from your weightloss. Good luck though. X


Going to do this......
thanks for the reply. cottage cheese was leftover from cd ss+ so i will stay away from it in future. I need to loose weight as going on holiday on the 30th so any lost would be good.
How have you find the diet? your weight lost is good

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
I'm pretty happy, I'm doing Neris and India (there's a thread somewhere!) it's been up and down but that's mostly my fault, It can be easy to let the carbs creep up, just have to be really careful. If it gets boring the recipe stickys are great.
i've been told to stay away from dairy except cheese and cream. Milk has lactose so thats a no no. For me, it's being aware of any foods with naturally occuring sugars, as well as the obvious stuff like potatoes and pasta. Jelly and cream is nice to fix a sweet tooth and I'm a total carnivore so this works quite well for me. I think I miss bread the most. But that culd be more for the convenience of it that anything else!

Anyway, Hope you get on ok, You can aways start a diary, or jump on the 'what are we eating today' thread in the atkins forum. Most of us are in there!

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