Back Again!


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Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Many of you may remember me but I haven't been on for a while due to a few reasons. I have been taking my break from LT as I felt I needed and haven't been in the best of health. The bad news is that i put 10 pounds back on and I am really angry at myself but I won't let it happen again. The food tasted nowhere near as good as the feeling of dropping the pounds. I am back now and really feel in the right frame of mind to do this now. My husband started today as well as you can see from his post so we can support each other through.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and look forward to catching up with you all x x
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What is done is done - like you say, put it behind you and start afresh. I put a stone on over the 4 week xmas - but then I was greedy. very greedy.

If we stick together we can fight the fat fiend !

Good Luck. xxxxx


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best of luck, ;)


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Hi Shaz

been said before, but what is done is done! You are now facing up to it and doing something positive.

Good luck to you and Dal, and hope you both find it easy with the support of one another.


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Hey Shaz, welcome back. You know you'll shift that 10lbs and more in no time at all. I'm a re-starter this last week and my other half has started on it for the first time with me too. I'm hoping we can stop each other going off the rails, although I might have to spike his shakes with fish, chips peas and gravy if he loses quicker than me :giggle:


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Hiya shaz!!

I remember you!! Sorry to hear about your health problems.. Hope your ok!!

I'm restarting today too!!

Look forward to hearing yourvlosses!! X


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hey babe hopefully i will be able to support u more this time around and maybe we can try a few new things that may help us both shift a little extra wink wink xxxxxxxxxxxx