back again

Sarah Lou

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Fingers well and truely crossed... Good luck :)


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Good luck, we are of course all intrigued what the deal is with OH, ha ha (!?)
Hope you do well on CD x


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thanks everyone...been very good, even went round morrisons and didn't bring back a load of rubbish. ain't even licked the spoon to see if the little one's dinner is too hot... i'm sure he'll tell me.


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all the best with it...
come on.... what did you promise to do!! lol!


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You've certainly got me wondering about what you'd have to do... :D :D :D

Good luck hun! You can do this!


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Good luck x x

Trim T

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welcome Helsbels, time to get back on track. Husbands are soooo easily pleased ; ).

Good luck with your first week x