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Back again!!!!!!


hoping for a good loss
Don't know if any of you remember me.

Have had 8 weeks off CD and although tried WW to continue to lose, I didn't stick to it. So a stone heavier I am back to lose the last 3 stone.

My new CDC has just left and I have my supplies for the week. Here's to having headaches and feeling cold lol.

Roll on Ketosis!!!!!!

Charlie xx
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Welcome back :D
hey :) welcome back :) I tryed SW once i got to 1.5 stone of my target but I can maintain ok but struggled to loose , so I am back on CD , although am back on SW at present as had my gallbladder out nearly 2 weeks ago .. another 2 weeks and I am jumping back on and staying there till I am half a stone under goal !!!!
Good luck on your restart and hope the first week flies by for you :)


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Hiya darling!

You're not the only one who's back... :D

And to think I said I was never coming back. Doh :rolleyes:

I'm in something like week 5 and struggling a bit (bl**dy PMT) but I'm a stone down and hanging in there!

All the best for your restart!


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Good luck! I am back too - lol it's a difficult trip this time round. It was so easy the first time. This time I am fighting hard just to make it to lunch!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Hey Charlie nice to 'speak' again lol, I'm back again too, I put back on over a stone when we went on hols in Sept :( hope you manage to lose it quickly hun x

I have dropped 10lbs in 2 weeks so now have 13lbs to get back to my lowest weight and 8lbs to get to where I stuck for a while! I only have 2 1/2 more weeks to go at the moment on cd though as I am having my gallbladder removed in 4 weeks and have to come off cd for 2 weeks before and 12 weeks after! Not looking forward to that but I suppose after the op I will be too busy recovering than worrying about my weight lol!

Take care


please try again
welcome back, i remember you. im always here, lol


Slowly but surely x
Hey there, I live here - Ill keep an eye out for you and share your highs and highs (there are no low's - im blind to them ;))
Hugs x


hoping for a good loss
Aawww, guy, thanks so much for all your kind words. Is lovely to 'see' so many old faces here too.

Lily - great to see you chickadee.

Shanny - missed ya honey

Determinator - not long until you are back here properly - am always keeping up with your progress on facebook lol.

Twinkle - great to see you too honey

Looking forward to getting to know some of the rest of you too

Here comes a moan - am fed up with people being so negative about the whole Cambridge thing. When I was last on CD I didn't mention it to many people as I know how negative peeps can be, but this time I decided that there would be no 'secret' dieting. I happened to mention on facebook that I have a rumblein my tumble and hurry up ketosis - OMG the amount of negatives I got from peeps is unbelievable. I have deleted the statuses as I refuse to justify why I am doing this. Yes a sensible diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep it off, but I have tried and failed so am here instead. Re-evaluation of eating habits for me is best done on a no eating diet. So shut the f**** up pmsl

Grump over lol

Charlie xx


Slowly but surely x
Charlie - I so identify with that.
This diet is extreme but its not dangerous. I worry about facebooking this diet to my freinds so in the interim im just saying im doing a high protein diet (which this diet is!)

Peoplle think you starve yourself but you dont, essentially. You get more nutrients in one day on this diet than normal people get in 4 days. PLus with maintainance, this diet gets you back to a proper eating regime when all the weight has gone.

Its a nudge in the right direction with proper counselling. If I were to go on a 415 cal diet with food alone, now that would be dangerous.

So flick your v's at the miserable and unsupportive mofo's and relish in the comfort of your fellow CD's arms xx
Yep, know exactly what you mean. I've gone completely the other way this time and no one, repeat no one, knows I'm doing Cambridge, other than my OH, son and of course my wonderful CWPC. I can't be doing with the way people want to blame everything on Cambridge.

Ooh, you're in a bad mood - must be Cambridge
you're looking a bit peaky - must be that barmy diet you're on
you were late to work this morning - told you that stupid diet's no good for you.
it's cold this morning, must be because you're on Cambridge...


Grr. :)

It's no one's business but mine what diet I'm doing. I mutter that to myself a lot (mostly cos I'm barking mad, but hey :eek:). My body, my diet, my choice. Plus it bl**dy well works. That's the main thing.

How's it going, apart from all the negativity, that is?


hoping for a good loss
lol, I know you are barking mad - no change there chickadee

Is going ok although Monday didn't work :doh:so Tue was start day in the end. Am just hungry - need ketosis to kick in and for the bananas to stop shouting at me:argh:
Welcome back and good luck with your restart. Ignore the doom and gloom merchants they get their info mainly from the horror stories they have read in the papers (usually the Daily Mail) :rolleyes:. When the diet starts to work all those who knocked the diet will suddenly become very, very interested.

Sod the negativity and bring on ketosis :D xx

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