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Back again!

Well SlimFast isn't giving me the results it used to, so feeling really good yesterday (and knowing I'd be out the house most of the day) I started TS again and ordered some more shakes. I am going to have to brave the feeling awful out. I think not having kids, then this diet would be a hell of alot easier!! But having 2 little ones, and my youngest at home with me all day - not only are their treats so tempting but it seems going into ketosis is going to hit me rather hard and worried about how I'm going to cope with the little one ? My perception of balance and speed seem to have gone to pot! In other words I just feel away with the fairies, bloody strange! That said, I'm really really going to try..need some results! Xxxx
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Ohhh and meant to ask!! I know some of you nibble on meat if you need to and still stay in ketosis - being a veggie .. Can I nibble on a bit of cheese ? Just forced myself to eat the rest of the bar and boy it was tough! Wouldn't mind sticking to all shakes but would love it if I could nibble on something ? Xx
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Hiya, well done for coming back , I have a 10 month old at home all day and know what missing treats is like , can't help on the cheese thing as I'm only on day 5 and am doing TS ....I'm sure good advice will be along shortly x


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Hi, I have 2 littles one too and having to cook for them every day does make it harder. And you will feel crap for the first 3-4 days, but once you hit ketosis you'll be fine. I think you can have some cheeses, but Im never sure how much or which ones, so I just stick to meat & eggs. Good Luck xxx
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I wouldn't have till I started to have dr pepper zero and zero coke, I drink alot of water but was getting so sodding bored and although those drinks have no sugar by day 5 there positively sugar heaven .....I don't start my packs n bats till after 4 as it gives me something to look forward too ( little things eh lol ) , still I want to do this for 28 days so here's fingers crossed that we all keep on our wagons !!!


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hey welcome back.

im on day 2. Kiddies snacks are soooo tempting, my daughter is just having brown bread and chicken i caught myself licking my fingers after i made it! Its really hard to try and break the habbit x
Thankyou for all your replies! Tell me about it.. food that I found quite boring (like a cheese sandwhich) would be a dream right now! Lol. Intact, I'm almost certain I dreamt about food last night !! Been drinking coke zero and although I hated it before, you're right roanne, it's a treat already! Would love to know about cheese, there's practically no carbs.. so here's hoping! Xx
Good luck this time hun.
I've veggie too but never feel the need to snack (bit odd coz I was a serial snacker before!) but I know you can have eggs as your protein so I guess if you're really struggling then a boiled egg or a plain omlette would be ok.


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Have an egg yolk omelette if you really need to but have you got some of the bars? I just got some unislim ones from Tesco today and I already know it's going to change things for me, running around after kids having something to actually 'eat' is important x Extra water definitely helps with that imbalance thing, cheese isn't the worst though!


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I agree most def eggs (boiled, scrambled or ommlette) not sure about cheese though! Good luck you'll get loads of support on here its brill xx
Aw feeling a bit guilty for that cheese now! But thanks for the tip, will definitely scramble a bit of egg to nibble. Yes, have the bars but I honestly can't stomach the taste and texture! Definitely need something to 'eat' rather than just shakes, I might pop into tesco tomorrow and see if I can find their bars instead and hope they're better! Thankyou for the advice :) xxx


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You will get used to the bars. Have them with a drink as it helps them down. I actually really enjoy the bars - though it seems I'm in the minority. Black tea or coffee would soften them.

Good luck


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I really like the bars too! But I was on Lipotrim before & absolutely anything in the world would be better than Lipotrim's cardboard & sawdust vomit smelling bars!!!!
I love the chocolate Tesco unislim bars, they are more like a REAL chocolate bar.
Think i am in the bar minority too..i quite like the Exante ones...mind you i find i tend to save them for early evening with a cup of black coffee...Cut them into litttle squares put em on a plate and its like a finger buffet pmsl xx

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