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back again


back once again
hey all

I managed to lose enough weight to make me a happy bunny and also managed to maintain too :) but unfortunately, I have spinal problems which reared its ugly head again after i had an accident walking the dog... cue 10wks of no excercise, intensive treatments from my chiropractor and me left struggling to even get up the stairs

result?? ... almost a stone back on...:cry:

SO i bit the bullet, restarted cambridge on the 16th May and had my first weigh in today, first time round i managed to lose 8 lbs in the the first week so i feel really dissappointed with myself to find I have lost just 3lb for my first weigh in :mad: I stuck to SS+ rigidly and didnt even struggle with it which I found really odd coz the first week is usually a nightmare.

I know its a loss and I should be happy with it but i do feel a bit deflated today.

My Cambridge consultant said because I am now exercising twice a week (low impact zumba class to help build up the muscle tone in my back) it could possibly be the case that my body has gone into starvation mode and that is why it wasnt a great loss this week?

Has anyone else had this happen?

Ah, well, onwards and downwards.

Debs x

i should also add that I want to lose more weight this time and try and get down to 10 stone.

restart 16/5/2011

1st week - weigh in - 3lbs
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I have heard this before on here somewhere. Keep at it and it should fall off next week Hun. Good luck xx

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Hi there,

I'm also restarting, for the gazillionth time though! I have had the same problem in the past. I never got back into the killer weightloss i had first time around and it IS mega depressing, but I think the problem I had was that I would JUST about scrape by, then tell myself, "oh but I put my heart and soul into it this week" BUT I knew I had not been drinking enough water, or "I had just had a sneaky babybel cheese or three, they wont hurt - will they?"

I think we know how the diet works, we know the pounds will fall off, so somehow we welch on the deal - or at least thats what I think :)

Keep at it, get that water down you, sit in the bathroom and just hammer the water for 15 minutes to get a good flushing though in the morning. I try and drink a litre before I leave the house in the morning, and then its easier to get the other 1.5 in during the day!

Good luck - YOU WILL get there!


back once again
thanks girls :)

I have a weird symptom going on today... I can taste salt in my mouth at least thats what it tastes like to me?? weird..

Can't remember feeling like this last time?

Gonna go onto 810 next week if the scales still seem odd at the next weigh in on Monday, I have been reading up on BMR and it would seem that maybe it would be more beneficial because I am exercising i may see better losses on the next step up.

I am going off plan on Friday night for a night out thats been planned for 2 months (nothing is gonna stop me from having my baileys)

I think i just felt a bit pee'd off yesterday bc I didnt even do a small cheat across the week so couldnt understand a low loss for my first weigh in.

Feeling a bit more positive today hope both of you are doing ok :)

Debs x
I know how u feel. Some good advice is to have an extra portion of protein either the night of or day after exercise to help. I did ss+ and in week 2 only lost 1lb I was thoroughly naffed off but am back after my week off and it's day one so far xxx

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back once again

I did my Zumba class tonight and struggled all the way through it. Total lack of energy, 810 is looking more likely than ever now. I dont think you stay in ketosis if you do it tho? But maybe it wont matter if I am exercising?

How are you finding your first day back on track?

Debs x


back once again
aww bless ya hun x

tomorrows another day :clap: at least it was chicken and not something totally not allowed :)

Debs x

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