Back again!


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Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm back - again, and am restarting - again! My husband is going to sole source too - and we both start on Monday. Wish us luck!

This will be a fair few times I've restarted now, but I've had other stuff going on thats made it hard, and now things are becoming easier - main thing being my depression is being managed again - meds have been upped, I'm doing exercise and I'm starting CBT with a new counsellor at the end of the month.

Oh - and I'm going to blog!

Lynne x
Hi Lynnie

I am glad you are back, I wondered how you were getting on but didn't want to hassle you.

You know where I am if you ever want anyone to chat to.

Good luck and I have added your blog to my favourites.

Is there anyone left on WS that isn't doing one of these crazy diets now lol!

Hi! I'm relatively new to the forum, so we haven't met.
Glad you are back - you WILL do it this time, i'm sure.. you sound so together now. :)

Whereabouts are you from in NE Scotland? I have family in Nairn and Buckie :) I feel strangely at home and love it up there but am the first line 'English' on my side. I hope to retire there when i'm older.. I'm 34 so have a few years left yet! lol
Purple Hugs I'm about a half hour from Buckie - my maternal Grandfather was from Buckie and a lot of his family still live there. I have good friends there that I went to Uni with too. Its a small world!

Lynne x