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Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Bee123, 14 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Helloa, to the old faces and new ones in here

    how the devil are you all. Since I've been missing in action I've managed to put on lots of weight over Christmas lol so I'm back on the powder stuff they call slim fast lolol hope ur all good and wish me luck for my re- start,

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  3. Little Picker

    Little Picker Wants smaller knickers!

    Best of luck!

    I'm two weeks in now and will be popping in here from time to time :)

    How are you finding getting back on to SlimFast? I am loving it at the moment!
  4. Ducky1978

    Ducky1978 Full Member

    HI Bee!!
  5. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Hi ducky and little picker

    I'm feeling quite good being back on it, hardest is the weekends tho so much goodies on offer everywhere I go - trying to keep myself from the evil cakes and sweets lol

    How are u both doing xx
  6. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    So a few weeks in and my scales were not working properly I had to take them back and get some different ones from another shop eeeek, weigh in tomorrow so not sure what to expect :-( , was going to get on them this morning but decided agains it as if it shows me much heavier I will have a blow out lol. New weigh weight from tomorrow I think. Why me lol
  7. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Aaaaahhhhh new scales are showing a gain of 2lbs but in gonna have a new start weight with that from today x
  8. Hi, I started slimfast, I'm on my 4th day, I had a cheeky weight in today and scales say I've lost 5lbs! I would guess that this is due to me being on this week, therefore at the beginning of the week being bloated, I will try keep weigh ins to once a week but I find it difficult! I always think I need to know, I suppose when I do see a loss it does make me want to stick with it.
    Good luck girls :)

    Rachel xx

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