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Discussion in 'Exante' started by weelanie, 23 January 2014.

  1. weelanie

    weelanie Well-Known Member

    Well more restarts than I care to remember but back at day1. If I can just get through the weekend I no I will be golden. I have little motivation as size shape and no clothes to wear seem surprisingly of little concern. Which in itself is a worry. I have just realise I have become the mum "who really let herself go" I see people looking at my huge tummy. My leggings under my dress cut my shape in half but really that's my shape. Well I want to be a yummy mummy and my youngest starts school in aug. my god I would be a reeeaaaallly skinny mum if I stuck to exante till then. Unfortunately I would still be in a healthy weight range as I have so much to loose. Well here is to loosing a min of 5st. That's the same weight as my 2 kids out together. I refuse to carry them and I refuse to carry this over baring excess weight. Well day 1 in your face I am going to rock this weightloss malarkey
  2. Darcy15

    Darcy15 A woman on a mission!

    Best of luck!

    The first few days are the hardest, then it really does get easier - honest! :)

    Start a diary, plan some interim goals and some non- food treats

    ...use the support here, it really helps so much :)

    Do this for yourself, and nobody else :D
  3. weelanie

    weelanie Well-Known Member

    Made it through day 1. Had to give myself a good talking to on several occasions as my brain tries to encourage a shift in diet to anyone that lets me eat lol. Survived and day 2 is now underway. I am hosting a bday party for a family tomorrow and have plans to bake with the kids most of tomorrow morning. So lets get this will power thing cranked up to the max, day 2&3 I own you lol
  4. fayfe

    fayfe Well-Known Member

    It gets easier honestly, give it to day 5 and it'll be better promise. I have to restart due to sickness this week at the weekend, so I'll be feeling your restarting pain!
  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 A woman on a mission!

    Keep going - it does get easier :)

    I'm on day 24 of 100% TS and it has become habit now :D

    Stopping and starting is just deadly - and I should know :eek:
  6. weelanie

    weelanie Well-Known Member

    Well done darcey that's amazing I bet you have lots loads.

    Faye hope you are feeling better x
  7. weelanie

    weelanie Well-Known Member

    Sorry about your names my phone keeps correcting or in correcting x
  8. Darcy15

    Darcy15 A woman on a mission!

    Thank you :)

    16lbs down so far :D

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