Back & Fat from NY


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Hope you are all well??!!!!

Back from New York and of course had a fabby time! (who doesn't)

Have gained 5 pounds :D enjoyed every crap bit of food out there LOL

Back on shakes today and raring to go!

Saw David Blaine doing magic for Haiti in Times Sq bless him was there for days!!! just doing magic! MAD MAN!

Have put pics up wanted to put up more but it wouldnt let me lol

Must catch up on the threads!!!

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Hey hon
Good to see you back bet you had a great time!!! Loving your pics your look fab... Those 5 lbs will be back off in know time....
Well done for jumping back on today.. Your a star xxx


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Welcome back!!

Great experience seeing David Blaine up close!! Wow!! How does he do it?! lol



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Hope you had a great time and shopped like MAD. Can't wait to go back in April get my wardrobe fluffed up again, and hopefully I'll be somewhere around goal.

5lbs isn't bad for NYC considering ALL the food options available ALL the time! You'll have it off by the end of the week I bet!


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Welcome back - that weight will disappear quicker than it arrived.

I saw David Blaine when he was up in a pod at Tower Bridge, claiming not to be eating for 40 days, lol!

New York must have been fantastic; good for you for getting right back on CD. I am now on Day 16 and feeling good. Will take a look at the photos x


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Welcome back! Its so funny that you took pictures of the subway and things like that, that's exactly things I took pictures of when I was in London the first time hehe :). My favorite thing the whole time I was there was "mind the gap". I have to say, I'm not sure I would have been as brave as you and gotten close to the strange man in the elmo suit - creeeeeeepy! hehe. Welcome back darling.


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Glad you had a great time! Lovely pics! Good to see you back and jumping straight back into CD. 5lbs is nothing and will vanish quickly!


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Welcome back. I'm hoping that I'll get taken to NYC for my 40th later in the year. I don't think 5lbs is too bad considering.


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youll get that 5lb of in no time, looks like you had a great time xx

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Welcome back misses!! Not jealous in the slightest :p


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Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone!! I missed you all :D

I love NY totally in love with the place, i keep going back!!!

I will get the weight off of course i always do when i come back from hols :D

Thanks for all your pic comments i love them!! :D


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Good to see you back, hun. :D

Glad you had such a fabby time!


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welcome back Mrs T!! glad you had a fab time too! looks amazing!- not jelous at all ;) he he! xxxx

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Welcome back, I don't believe for 1 moment you are fat LOL