Back for a second go :-) manages to keep most of the weight of from last time :-)

Discussion in 'Lipotrim TFR 100%' started by stace2013, 1 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. stace2013

    stace2013 Full Member

    Im back for a second go of lipotrim did 11 weeks on this diet 18 month ago managed to lose 4 stone, kept it off apart from 7 lb so back again hoping to lose 3 stone this time then maintain , been on it for a week now first weigh in this morning lost 11 LB :) so good start , struggling this time with dizzyness think its my blood pressure so gunna have it checked anyone else weigh in on a monday ??xx its harder for me this time as im a baker so spend all my time around food :-/ but just keep telling myself once i get to my target i can have a treat after refeed ov course :) xxx
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  3. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    excellent to know you mintained. i lost it all and became lazy, therfore it crept back on. very inspirational, keep it up.
  4. stace2013

    stace2013 Full Member

    Thank you a have you just restarted x
  5. lisaandellie

    lisaandellie New Member

    Me Too!!

    I also weigh in on a Monday and I was just sitting here struggling thinking i will change it to Friday and refeed Friday night but if you message me back this might me my saving grace!! I have done this diet many times and dont have a lot to lose but find it fab, i am struggling today however and all i can think about is food which is driving me crazy. I started last Wednesday and am in day 7 and i always find this time the worst as it takes me around 6 days before ketosis kicks in but this is the longest ever and dont think i am there yet, hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling better...well cant feel worse than i do today!!:)

  6. lisaandellie

    lisaandellie New Member

    OMG, i am in my 7th day, i am a huge fan of Lipotrim and have done twice before however find it longer than most to hit ketosis and hoping i will wake up feeling better tomorrow. BTW I also get weighed on a Monday, thought this would give me the motivation to get through the weekend.
  7. stace2013

    stace2013 Full Member

    Stay strong Monday weigh ins are better they give you something to focus on over the weekend :) x
  8. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    4 stones, wow you did well.
    Was it hard and what kept you motivated.
    I'm hoping to lose the same amount in 12 weeks too xo

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  9. stace2013

    stace2013 Full Member

    I just took it day by day , kept bought myself a smaller pair of jeans and tried them on once a week see how much further I could get them up, my thinsperation trousers I also kept a pair of my big trousers which I still have now and every time I felt like giving up I tried them on just to remind myself how far Id come which is really good when ur having a down day and feeling like you can't carry on it was hard but was so worth it x x
  10. blondebomb

    blondebomb Member

    Hi Stace
    I am back for a 2nd attempt too! I lost 2.5 stones in 2006 and sadly put it back on and more after having a baby! I am feeling very positive about this now and want to get back down to a healthy weight. I lost 8lbs in my first week and I am going back to be weighed tomorrow so hopefully will be in for another big loss. Any tips on keeping your mind off food??? xx

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