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Back for more advice please

As you msy have read of my moans of gaining weight during weel 1 of the diet coming over from Cd I thought I might ask for some more advice. This si what im planning on eating tommorow

b = 1 dry fried egg (I use grease proof sheets so no oil) 3 slices of bacon

d = lettuce,chicken,eggs whites only and 1g ceaser dressing-good plate full

l= chicken,brocoli,cauliflower

snacks 4g of carbs of sugar free jelly and a babybell

I was advised to eat more leafy grren but as im only allowed 20g of carbs a day im warey of going over what does everyone think? and on the sticky about portion sizes what is a cup
I worked out last week in various forms I are an average of 2 eggs a day. Could this be whats gaining me the weight
Ive decoded to give the diet 3 weeks so see how it goes. I certainly feel a lot better for it.
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A cup is really a large coffee mug over here. That's a lot of sliced up green veggies, believe me.

and fry your egg in butter, yummy.

There is a veggie thread you could go and read to see what everyone is eating veggie wise. :)



Happy to be slim at last
I have some cup measures and a tea cup is about half a cup on my measure.

You can get a cheap set of cup measures in Tesco from the kitchen if you want to measure accurately. :)
thanks again
have had my brocoli today
DH had a crash this morning so ive eaten quite a lot of jelly
Before that would have been choc or cake so im doing well. Ive not gained any more. One thing I have noticed is that I drink between say 8p and bedtime 3 good size glasses of water and am waking up to go loo in the night. Could it be the late night water isnt letting my system sleep as such during the night as before I never woke up. Yes I am probabily talking utter rubbish LOL
I don't drink anything after 8 at night generally, mainly because I was waking up to go to the loo.

i used to be a nanny to a lovley american lady and she always used a small china cup as her equivalent to their cup
The cup measure I bought in Canada is way larger than that, as I said it's our coffee cup sized. I wonder if that's different to the US one then?
ok just to update that im back to my notmal weight.
Why I think ive worked it out. Im not moving my bowels as much as I should. I went last night and have lost weight today
Could just be luck I know but looking at it I should be going more than I am doing
Any tips to get the ball rolling so to speak


Happy to be slim at last
That's good that the scales are back to where they were. A number of us are taking psyllium husk in either capsule or powder form. You can get them from a health food store. They naturally bulk things out. They aren't doing wonders for me yet, but I am hoping my body is just getting used to them. You have to work out the right dose for you.

Hope things get "moving" soon!
I use ps husks for a porridge with a liptotrim pack ... I use 2-3 table spoons of it ..

My cup size is a p pot!! lol I think i better use my daughters size cup for measuring.. lol

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