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Started SW - advice and motivation please? :)

Hello all,

I'm here for motiviation, advice and meal advice please!?!

A bit about me - I'm 43 (how did that happen!), 5'3" and just over 15 stone (I KNOW how that happened :D).

I've dieted for what feels like my whole life. I've done WW, SW, Atkins, Cambridge, Calorie counting and many more 'fad' diets. And I LOVE them when I start - get really excited and think 'this is it', but then a couple of weeks down the line I go off track...

This time I've actually joined a class and I am SO determined to make this work this time. I'm heavier than I have been in years and enough is enough.

I guess I'm just worried that I've dieted so much over the years that my body is just so confused it won't lose... I'm worried to eat carbs after cutting back on them for so long ... I'm just basically worried it won't work!

I joined the class on Tuesday and have enjoyed doing EE so far, but am already running out of ideas what to eat for work lunches and quick supper's when I get in from work at 7.30pm. I did the Diet Coke chicken last night - and it was gorgeous, so I'll have to start batch cooking to have meals ready to go I think. but I do worry about eating carbs - all other diets I've done they're like the devil!

Anyway, thought I'd say HI - and see if anyone else felt like me at the beginning??

Just re-read this - God I like 'worry' don't I?! Maybe I just need to chil out! :cool:

thanks in advance. Off to drop off my OH's DD and go grocery shopping - lots of lean meats on the list!

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Don't worry about eating carbs, they are part of the plan for a reason! As long as you eat the free foods until you are satisfied, and not just because you can then you will still lose. Just trust the plan 100%! Good luck x
Hi welcome along to minimins. You’ve come to the right place for tips, support and advice. We’re a happy little lot who love to share.

Top tips are keep a food diary right from the very beginning as this is what will get you through this and help get the SW plan in your head. Knowing in advance what you are going to eat takes all the guess work out of everything. If things go slightly awry, then you have something to look back on to see where adjustments could be made and if you ask for advice through this platform, it's the first thing we will ask to see.

Following someone else's food diary on here or looking at the threads what's for breakfast, lunch, tea etc or the many, many recipes will certainly help you to avoid the repetition in your diet and expand the variety of things you can find to eat. Budget shopping at Aldi, buying frozen fruit and veg and cooking in bulk and freezing will also keep the costs down.

There are also a number of weighing groups which are either by weigh day and I think there is one for people who follow SW at home, which is good way to share your experiences, spur others along, to feel part of a group and get to know some of the others.

Finally, I would say trust in the plan it does work. Eat your syns and don’t cut back as it doesn’t work that way!! I’m sorry that I’ve rambled on but I hope that will give you somewhere to start and good luck with everything :D


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I understand totally where you are coming from regarding carbs.
I just limit them, I don't go without completely as I love carbs but I just try and fill up with more protein and superfree.
I definitely lose better this way and maybe when you have been on the plan a wee bit longer you can look into trying the red (original) plan which really helps limit them.
I think a lot of people are realising that they lose better by limiting carbs....I am in no way saying it works for everyone, some have lost incredible amounts just on green days but its about finding what suits you.....one size definitely does not fit all!

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