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  1. Gorgeous_x

    Gorgeous_x Full Member

    I have done CD once before, back in Spring '10. I lost a few stone in the few months I was on it but came off for 2 family events and when I tried to restart back, I couldn't. :sigh:

    I'm now starting again on the 9th Jan and this will be it. This time I won't come off for various events, as I will find it hard to get back on.

    Only problem is, I'm now living in halls of residence in uni (I was in school and living at home last time) so will have to try and hide it from my halls friends. My cdc is coming Sat 7th to halls but after that I may arrange to meet elsewhere.

    I would like to do SS but may do SS+ so people see that I'm eating. If I choose SS+ could I switch between the meal or extra shake and milk each day?

    I may just be honest to people about it, but am worried I may get lectured by one guy in particular (he is super healthy and told me off for having cereal for dinner before). I know people have good intentions but I don't want to be brought down.

    Ahhh I'm so excited about it! :D
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  3. Gorgeous_x

    Gorgeous_x Full Member

    Also, I'm now based in the UK. How much is CD weekly here? I believe that most CDCs charge per product? (back home I paid €60 a week regardless of how many tetras or bars I got). I will probably be having 3 shakes or soups most days, with maybe 3 tetras a week.
  4. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I pay £2.20 per Tetra or bar, and £2 for a powder. It is up to the CDC what they charge.

    Good luck with your restart, just remember the good results from last time.
  5. shell89

    shell89 Member

    I know what u mean by hiding it from friends, I'm at college 3 days a week and my friends thought I was mad last time I did it but it felt good when I lost over a stone in 4 weeks and I was getting lots of compliments so it sure showed them! Although now I've put on the weight I've lost and am re starting as off tomorrow. Good luck x
  6. KatieKaye

    KatieKaye Full Member

    Hello! Just wanted to say inunderstand how you feel about not wanting to tell anyone. Last time
    I did this i got a huge lecture from a work colleague (who FYI was a self confessed size 6 who wasn't able to gain weight no matter how much she ate hmph!) but if you are doing this for yourself and have the motivation don't let others put you off. Different things work for different people, and let's face it, most of us are here because we struggle with food being in the equation at all! So go for it lovely!! Perhaps if any of your uni flat mates stumble in blind drunk over the next few weeks you can gently remind them that alcohol is really far worse for their bodies than fasting haha! Good luck!

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