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Back for Thinspiration (warning - food talk)


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Hello Everyone,

There are many new faces since I last posted, everyone is doing brilliantly.

I'm in week 12, about 5 weeks ago I hit a wall and its been a huge hurdle to get over it ever since (I'm not there yet!). This is my second time on a VLCD and I'm finding it significantly harder to maintain strict determination.

First time round I was so focused nothing was gonna knock me off course or tempt me into cheating. But this time I find I'm caving at the slightest little thing. I've had a big social occasion every weekend for the last 5 weeks and as I write this I'm at a wedding tomorrow (I know - Monday's a weird day!).

I've blamed everyone esp. friends for not being supportive but in reality it's me, I can't find the determination to stop picking leading to full scale eating if food is placed in front of me (all my social occasions involve food :(). This has led to me trying to cheat myself at home and most days I've had 1 x G&T & some low cal cheese and I even bought a box of chocs (dark choc ones which I don't even like!)

It all started when I was out and about one day, I left the house without having a foodpack (didn't fancy veg soup at 9am) come 1pm I was really hungry so just popped into Holland & Barrats to pick up some nuts thinking: this will fill me up and keep me in ketosis - crooked I now realise, so I decided I'd have salted sugar coated almonds :confused:, the result - I lost 4lb and thought this isn't too bad I can obviously eat nuts and still loose weight = WRONG!!!!!

The result of this is that I have lost and regained the same 4lbs for the last 4 weigh-ins. I'm kicking myself that I could have lost another stone/dress size in this time.

I know I can't go back nor can I change what's happened, I write this in the hope that mentally I can get back on track and continue to loose weight (plus side I haven't gained any weight). Having assessed things I have realised two specifics which are not helping me:

1. I'm finding it difficult to drink the 2ltrs of water (which I think might be due to the fact I've eaten)

2. I find it hard to want to eat the soup when its a lovely hot day. (I only like the soup so have had 4 packs every day for 12 weeks!)

Why can't I be this clear thinking and focused when I face temptation, instead I think I'm invincible and that it doesn't matter then once I've caved in I feel crap and worthless all over again:cry:. How can I switch and remember this feeling instead of focusing on the instant gratification from food - I feel like I'm describing a crack addict!

Anyway I'm hoping writing this all down will help to get me straight.

Kirstie xx
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S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
Oh honey I am so on the same boat as you!
I stayed the same weight for weekks now. I can't seem to get myself motivated to stay 100%. I kept cheating, then going back on the program, then cheating again. As a result I am still over stone and a half away from my goal and I have spent a fortune on the packs but failed to let them give me a succesful weight loss.
It's hard for me to advise you what to do. We both know the best solution would be to stay on packs. Sadly sometimes it simply isn't that easy as you have to be totally in the right frame of mind to do this.
I know I'm not so I have now made an adult decision to come off LL and try a different plan. This on and off business wasn't doing me any favours and I feel now it's time to move on and let my body settle and find it's own way to lose the remaining weight.
I really hope you will figure out what to do hun. I'm here if you need me xxx


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It's definitely harder second time round there's no doubt about that! But we can do it - we've done it before and we'll do it again.

How about getting a card and writing down how you feel when you've had a good loss, or when you've not given in to temptation - inspirational thoughts, and then taking it out and looking at it when you feel you might eat something? You never know, it might help?


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S: 11st8.0lb C: 10st11.4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st10.6lb(6.54%)
Hi Lovely Ladies,

Thanks for your support!

Mags I've looked at your photos and you look amazing!! Your weight loss is phenomenal, it'll be such a shame to give up but it's an expensive diet if you're not gonna do it properly. I hope you're not gonna leave the forums, we'll miss you terribly if you do...

Thanks for the suggestion re thought cards, I like that. It's simple and easy to check through when you feel about to crave I'm gonna give it a go.

Thanks girls I needed that x

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