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back from AI holiday - please support me for my restart!


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hi all

so ended up having the week before my holiday off plan (gained about 4lbs back, which i expected) but ate healthily. then gained 10lbs (!!!!) on holiday but ate loads and all the wrong stuff. spent most of my time there really bloated and uncomfortable but really couldnt help myself with all the lovely food. It made me realise i really LOVE food too much and need to do something about it before i go away next year!

i am restarting today to lose this stone which has come on so sudden. please help me ladies, has anyone any words of comfort for me?

have you been on holiday and got back on cd and lost the holiday gain? its disheartening as i feel like i have to start all over again, but i need to lose this. can i do it????

any tips for me?

thanks for reading and thanks in advance to any replies!
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Good luck with re-start. Just be strong for the first few days and water, water, water:) but you know that:8855:
You had a great holiday, so just re-focus and that weight be off in a week or two x


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Heey sweetie pie u have been here before and managed to loose ure gains
So stop worrying, by ssing on ure first week the pounds will be gone
U know wot to do drink the water and stay 100% on the diet.
Member leeds is incontrol like always.
Best of luck sweetie xxxxx
hiya, good luck with restart, i went all inclusive last year and gained 10lb in 16 days, lost it all in first week back on ss+, a lot of it will be water and fall straight off, good luck x
i'll always be here for you :) i'm needing to stick to something this week. i'm seeing my CDC tomorrow and fancy going back to the 1000 with fresh enthusiasm. do not like the 1200 + plans as i just can't get my head round stuff. i need to be told what i can eat. like the 1000 plan says have this for brekkie, have this for lunch, have this for tea. i need that. whereas the 1200 plan, in my mind, says here are a few recipies get on with it. :(

it's that or i'll need to go back to ww as atleast with the point system i know how many points i get and how many i can use on things... pretty much similar to being told what i can eat but a bit of freedom too.
p.s i'd love to go back onto ss or ss+ plan! just can't.... to healthy bmi.

mind i got to tell you my arms look so fat compared to my body! depressing.

and my gym gear, daring to wear shorts....

as you can see i think i need to loose another stone in weight.


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thanks girls. the encouragement is brilliant. had a terrible day yesterday (severe headache and nausea - hard to deal with and 3 kids!) but i made it through. feeling weak and shakey today too so wish me luck.

nicki, i have posted on your diary, your pics are fab! wish i looked like that and think the WW idea is a good one for you. you cant have another stone to lose! never!


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It really will fall off quickly. I have been away for 3 weeks and stuffed myself silly. I do wish I hadn't but I am not going to kick myself - I enjoyed it so now I am just getting on with SS and actually really enjoying it and loving feeling that I am making progress.
I'm sure you will show a great loss on your first week back on track!
Good luck!
you can do it!!xxx


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thanks ladies. but my god i am suffering so bad with heartburn!!! its squeezing my chest! horrid, can i take anything for it?


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hope the restart is going well leeds! I hope you had a fantastic holiday arent they so much more fun when you are happier in your body. When do you next get weighed?
I have managed twice after holidays to get back on it one was all inclusive one was 2 weeks in florida to lose the gaining weight. I have been a bit absent from this site as I have had a couple of weeks break from CD. One because i was really busy for 2 weeks and then my CDC couldnt fit me in. Have been mainly managing to maintain my weight doing my own thing which is nice but still almost a stone off goal (and go up and down by a few lbs or 2 so need to keep an eye on it). its so hard this bit isnt it. Think am aiming to go for it on CD a bit further but is so hard to keep the motivation up now and can really understand why people go to WW at this point, even thought i love CD! Good luck this week!
Great things, I think you look fabulous!!!! Sincerely! x

Nice to see you again Eternal Flame x


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just an update to let you know i am still here and doing ok. not hating cd anymore which means the headaches and nausea have gone and am feeling properly in the zone. weigh in on saturday so will report back then, the scales have dropped a bit but am hoping the cascade down by sat.


Excited about the new me!
Good luck with the WI tomorrow Leeds, Furrysmudge, good to see you again too.

Leeds, I'm currently doing SW, but have 2 weeks supply of CD which will use before hols which is 4th Aug. Might start one of the weeks on 810, next Tuesday as my SW WI is then on Monday eve, so can check my progress then. I just can't not eat, but can do the 2 shakes and 1 bar a day and a small meal, so seems the best option for me.


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