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Back from Barcelona, what the h*ll happened?

Hi all

Well back from three days in Barcelona which was fantastic. I stuck to my plan of having my three tetras and then fish in the evening. I have been walking my legs off, admittedly the water has been a problem because of finding toilets BUT, I get back today and jump on the scales hoping all will still be well (have checked and am still in ketosis) and I have gained 5lbs in three days - how on earth can this be possible when I have been so strict. Feeling really fed up this evening and wondering why I bothered trying to be good - should of just stuffed my face.

Sorry to be miserable but feel so down about undoing some of my hard work.

Hope everyone else is well

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Tequila makes miaow happy
Was it very warm? I ALWAYS find that when i go away somewhere hot, even if I eat next to nothing I gain about half a stone with water retention - a few days and many trips to the toilet later it is gone!
That will be the flight!! Makes you retain water....

The scales will drop within 72 hours

Thanks both, that makes me feel a lot better. Will keep my fingers crossed it goes quickly as WI tomorrow night!! Am glugging away and back on track with no problems. Am proud that I managed to stick to my plan and not give in to temptation at least. Hopefully the scales will be kind.

Thanks again
Hi p...sorry ur feeling down but try not to worry, i'm sure it will come off in the next day or two. Well done for staying strong on ur hol.


Cambridge Counsellor
Yes, it'll be the flight and/or the heat, so please don't be disheartened - you've done absolutely fantastically to stay on track so well in Barcelona! Well done! :)

Jo x
Georgie - you've been so good so that cant possibly be a "real" weight gain - dont worry and i'm sure in a few days it will be off.

Glad you had a good time in Barcelona and stayed strong xx
Thanks JJJ, feeling better about it already!

Just catching up on posts and see its your Birthday....


Hope you've had a fabby day.

I loved Barcelona when I went Porgeous - hope you had a wonderful time...

Don't let the weight thing spoil your memories of Barcelona. It'll be off soon enough.

Well done for sticking with your plan - you've done incredibly well.

H x
Has anybody ever told you what lovely people you all are!!

Thanks gang - big hugs


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