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Back from Cornwall

Well my O/H and girls are back from Cornwall and already I wish they were back there! The girls are bickering, the O/H is mardying about the girls bickering and I have 11 piles of washing to do from the 3 of them after only 1 week away. Sometimes I think I live in a Hammer House of Horror film and its never going to end. Now there's a disstressing thought. Off to bed now to hide under the duvet and hope tomorrow is not a repeat of tonight. Any body got a spare bed just in case please.
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Ok CG I'm going to send you a map! You needn't tell them where you've gone and you can stop till they calm down and appreciate all you do for them!
I used to take my boys to stay with my parents at scarboro, and it took at least a week for them to settle down afterwards! Mother used to spoil them rotten and then leave me to play bad cop afterwards!
Thanks Judi, I should be with you by tea time, do you think if I just told them I was off shopping and never returned it would be ok, they wouldn't notice till about 7.00pm when dinner wasn't materialising anyway lol.
How about next time don't send them with so many clothes (just steal a few bags back from the car before they leave!) - hey presto! Less laundry.....unless of course they go shopping and buy more..darn it....new plan needed!
Hehe, you can come and stay at mine but I cant say it would be a break, sounds exactly the same as what youve just mentioned!!
:( Madhouse!!

Hang in there hun!! You can do it!

Shut yourself away somewhere, hot bath, good book.... bathroom door LOCKED :) xx

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