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Back from Disneyland Paris and...


Restart 3/9/2013
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...I have completely F***ed my knee up!!!

Hurt it a bit last week before we went away, then walking a very very long way with a 3 year old all around Disney for 3 days (I took my pedometer and "my health coach" for DS and apparently we walked over 30km in that 3 days!) didn't do it a whole lot of good.

Got back Thursday night after a 180 mile drive with bad knee (not pleasent I can tell you). Slept dreafully and Friday morning admitted defeat and attended A and E.

X-rays are clear but knee is very very swollen and sore so I am on crutches and not allowed to put any weight on it at all. Bloody marvellous. Back to see orthopaedic specialist in the morning to fins out what they think is going on. Could really do with not being sick from work thats for sure :'(

Obviously means no CD for me for now as unable to drive to see my CDC. Also hobbling about on one leg isn't condusive to drinking vast amounts of water, trust me
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Hey hon

It sounds like your bio-mechanics are disrupted (how your body loads it's weight down through our joints) may be off and the extra walking aggravated this strain on your joint(s) causing injury (think of a car driving with one tyre half flat just up and down to the local shop and then suddenly doing 300miles a day).

A full physiotherapy assessment is usually the first port of call in these situations.... ignore the orthopod if he says "this can't be fixed, you just have to live with it" as what he actually means is "i can't fix this surgically so nowt to do with me now"...... god bless orthopods .. they are good at surgery but there is a reason they are called the "mechanics of medicine" by the rest of their colleagues ;-).

Knee Injuries - PhysioRoom.com is an excellent site to maybe have a look around while you are waiting to see the orthopod.


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Hi Starlit_Cazza --

I am sorry about your injury. I think we are supposed to drink at least 8 pints a water a day to be healthy. So, with CD it isn't that much more.

It sounds like Gg knows a bit about this kind of injury and given you sound advice.

I hope that your LO enjoyed Disney Paris, and that it wasn't too awful for you.

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it's all out at disney paris. we went april last year and it was really tiring. hubby and i were pooped after our 3 days. we did one park the first day then the other park the following day and back to the first on our last day. you do walk miles and miles there. it's crazy. 10k is like 6 miles a day. that's over your 10,000 steps recommended a day (10,000 steps is 5 miles).

obviously you've hurt yourself because of it. this sometimes happens to me if i up my running miles too quickly and i tend to get a dodgy hip. you might find that you're feet are rolling inwards and it's put added pressure on your knee. this is why i always get my gait analysed every time i buy new trainers. i was wearing the wrong ones and my feet were rolling in and my knees and hips started hurting me. i know you're not running but it's a similar effect. also if you're glutes are not supporting your weight when walking more than your usual miles you'll find that you're knees suffer, another running problem.
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
Hi Starlit_Cazza --

It sounds like Gg knows a bit about this kind of injury and given you sound advice.

Cheers MM...I work a lot with people with joint problems alright.... and a lot of time trying to get them down the right road in the NHS before they end up becoming deconditioned (and as a result harder to rehab) spending ages waiting to see an orthopod when physio in the first place would have likely had a significant impact (even if some surgery is ultimately needed).

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