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back from first class......

Was really good and not as scary as I thought it would be!!

The class is small (5 of us tonight) which is nice for me as I find large gatherings rather intimidating!

Absolutley mortified by how much I weigh cant believe Ive let myself get this big but, hey-ho Ive made the first step and it can only go downwards from here!

heres to a great first week!! x
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I see the light!

Well done on making that first step into class, its always a daunting one. Just remember that those strangers are only friends we are yet to meet. I really enjoy class, its in the morning and a good excuse for a chinwag, and to get out of the housework!!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Helen xxx
Well done on making the first step, a small group should make for really personal image therapy which is always nice

Good luck on making your first week a fabby one :)
well done for going foxychic thats the worst bit out the way u won't feel so bad when u go next time urs is a nice small class there r loads of people at my class but they r a nice friendly bunch and the consultant is really good makes all the difference have a great week will be watching to see how u do good luck :)
Well done for taking the first step and going to class, I was so nervous before my first one! It was so worth it though - i'm in my fourth week, have lost 12.5 pounds and am feeling so much better in myself :) You can do it, here's to a fab first week! xx
Congratulations on taking the first step. Hope you have a good first week. I'm on my third week and have lost 10lbs so far. So many success stories on here show it's worth sticking with.

My biggest hurdle was admitting to myself that I just couldn't do it alone.
Hey foxychic, well done, I'm really pleased it went well for you.

Mine was good too and I was ok once I was in, but I'm glad OH came and walked me in. There were two other new starters there tonight as well which was nice.

I'm sat now on the website and going to read the books to get my head around it all.

Really looking forward to the journey and it'll be great if we can chat on here and help each other.


Plodding on.......
Well done foxychic. That's the first step. Now plan, plan, plan, eat well and you will do great.

I also went to my first class today (having been doing body optimise very succesfully online) and am absolutely amazed that I managed it. 3 months ago I would have had a heart attack if someone suggested going to a class. But I did it and I intend to keep at it. So good luck and hope that you have fun on the way. I'll keep my eyes out for your progress.

Gail x
well done on the first steps of your weight loss journey. good luck vibes for this week. My first week was great knew loads of old faces that i havent seen for a while mine is a very big group about 30 of us stay to the meeting,is great as i get loads of tips and advice from them all.
Well done!! I remember my first night, I was nervous the whole day because I hate going into big rooms by myself if I don't know anyone there. I had to force myself to go in. I too was mortified at my weight. For some bizzare reason I though I was only about 11.5 st, and when I jumped on the scales I was closer to 14.5 st! But it really gave me the motivation to keep going.
I didn't even make it through the door the first week I went! I got as far as the door and looked through the window and decided there were too many people in there and I couldn't cope.

I tried again a couple of weeks later and managed to get through the door and then found I was the only new person that morning so I was sitting on my own for the first few minutes and nearly got up and walked out. So glad I didn't. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, about a stone and it's coming off very slowly - 0.5 or a lb each week. Only had one STS and no gains.

I really enjoy going to Group now and seeing my friends.


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