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back from first weigh in

hi all

well i went for my fist weigh in and i have lost 7lbs.....to be honest i was disappointed at first but then she measured my waist and i have lost 2 1/2 inches from there so that cheered me up lol ....the reason i was a bit down was that everyone else seemed to be losing more in their first week but hey ho everyones different and i am now happy at what i have achieved ...my cdc checked for ketosis and i am well and truly in it ...i think it took me a while but heres to next week and another 100%..

oh and this morning ..i did get that little buzz and its carried on ......sorry for the waffle ha ha x :D:D
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Tel, that's great mate. im due my first weigh in on monday night, and im looking forward to it, i'd be made up losing 7lbs, but i know what you're saying - you have your own target in mind, and maybe feel a bit deflated when it doesn't match, but sounds like you're doing fine. good luck going forwards.


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you are doing fabulously :D half a stone is a brilliant loss, and may just reflect that you weren't dehydrated or that full of carbs beforehand.

i didn't get amazing results for my first weigh in. half a stone would have been great :)

abz xx
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Don't be deflated I weighed in today and only lost three and it's my first week back on the diet! (haven't quite done a full though so hoping to add another couple of pounds) So if you think you were disappointed don't be you've done Fantastic!

This forum is great but you always read those that have done amazingly well like a stone in the first week then it's disappointing when you don't! It's a personal journey and I would do well to remember that too!

Well done you keep it up!
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Well done! You wouldn't be able to lose that in a week on any other diet, I know you've seen bigger losses but remember average monthly loss is a stone. You've done half that in a week!
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Well done i dont think ill lose that in my first week (im on day 4) thats amazing just think if you lose the same next week thats a stone in 2 weeks!!! :D


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well done half stone


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7lbs is fab :) And, remember, some of us (like me) have a whole person to lose...so we're allowed to lose a little bit more on our first week ;) Seriously though, it's a fabulous start and you should definitely feel proud of that xxx
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well done !!! just keep saying 1/2 stone only another 1/2 then its a full stone......and you have done this much in only 1 week ....keep it up xxx


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Remember, that's a great weight loss for just a week! Half of the stone gone already...and it won't be long 'til its all gone. I'm on day 4 and looking forward to my weigh in on Tuesday. I will be delighted to lose 7lbs, anything else is a bonus as far as I'm concerned!

Keep up the great work, it certainly pays off!
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Well done, that's a great loss. Some people do lose more and my CDC says it doesn't matter what size you are, some just lose more. She had one person this week who is only 10 stone lose 14lbs in her first week!
What matters is that you're losing and will continue to do so - it all evens out :)


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Well done! I can't wait for my first week to be over ( even if it will just be that I don't feel as hungry anymore!) x
right everyone after around 2 hours of writing the first post and seeing my hubby i realised what a silly thing i was being dissapointed so.........new day ..i feel really good today and am actually realy pleased with my loss ...i realise everyone is different and thats how my body is so i feel much more upbeat and raring to go for another 100% day.........

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