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Back from Glasto! How easy is it to get back onto SS?

Well me and Sophie2324 are back from Glastonbury. We had a great/hard time there. Was definitely a different experience I'll never forget, and I hope to do it again with lots more preperation next time!

We haven't stuck to the diet at all whilst away. We planned on and during day 1 and 2 I stuck to chicken as much as I can...then on day 2 I ate the pitta bread (its called that right?) with the kebab and it went downhill from there. They had loads of fruit and smoothie stalls but no healthy food at all really, I gave up looking in the end and decided like Soph I'd just forget the diet whilst away and get back on it once home.

I was just wondering how easy it is to get back onto SS after a week off? I'm going to eat as normal today as after loads of trecking around fields in mud trying to keep my balance for about 18 hours a day I'm feeling really low on energy although I do really want to get back onto the diet and lose what I've gained (I wont know the official weight I've gained and am too scared to weigh on my scales)

I started a new job 2 days before Glastonbury and am going back there on Thursday... I'm worried going through Ketosis again will make me lack concentration whilst training etc (I've got loads of training ahead :cry:)

Anyway, looking forward to catching up on whats been going on here once I've had a nap.. I hope you're all doing really well on the diet and finding it dead easy :D

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If you are determined to get back to it, it should be pretty straight forward, though it may also be pretty hard.

Good luck I hope it goes smoothly for you.
Thanks Sonia, I hope so! I'll keep your words in mind :)
Hi articmonkeys

Well ... all that 'resistance walking' through mud should have kept a few pounds off, anyway!

How about stepping back down to SS gradually - 1000 for a few days from now to the weekend to give your body chance to recover and wean out carbs slowly, then a 790 week starting this weekend, and SS from then on, so that the worst day/s of SS fall over a weekend?

I went to New York recently and after 1 'good' day, I pretty much ate what I wanted for the next 4 days, loads of carbs ... and I had far less excuse than you, with all those resteraunts and food options! But I really enjoyed it! Came home knowing I'd have put on a fair bit but didn't weigh for the first couple of days, until I felt back on the wagon. I think that's pretty important, though everyone's different - for me it would have been demotivating during the worst few days of SS.

When I did, I'd gained 5lb (so gawd knows how much in reality!), but as I felt back on track it didn't bother me that much - and I've now lost that plus abother 5 lb. Yay. So it can be done. I had a tough 3 days while I got back into K (went straight into SS as I have some time off work) as was so carbed up, so if I had been working, like you, I would definately have 'come down' more gradually ...

In a funny kind of way it was more 'empowering' to allow myself that break, then calmly get back on with it, than being 'perfect' on SS has done. I suppose because that's what we're aiming for longterm after the diet is ended - making choices, allowing ourselves to be part of the 'feast' at times, then getting back to healthier choices for us and what we want long term. I'm really glad it happened, actually - I feel more committed to the CD than I did before, and more like an adult in control of what I choose to eat. Do you know what I mean?
Hi there

Well i guess it depends how much you want it!!

Re-starting is always more difficult than the original attempt. Strange but true! So it's all up to your attitude towards the diet and your weight loss.

Sounds like you're setting yourself up for failure by finding excuses for it not to work - ie the lack of concentration on training and the fact you have loads on. It's all psychological hun, these things should not matter and should definitely not stand in your way of SS'ing.

If you hadn't broken the diet you wouldn't have even given it a second thought would you??

It's entirely possible to succeed on a re-start but will depend 100% on your frame of mind.

Good luck!


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Hey I'm just back from Glasto too and suffering a severe case of Wellyache :D It's so ace though isn't it, must be my tenth Glasto and I don't think I'll ever tire of the place, it's amazing.

I wasn't on the diet at all whilst there, I had planned a break from it.

I'm back on it today though and necking the water like a good un. My advice is to start now, put the weekend behind you and focus on shifting the weight.

It is harder once you've had a break from the diet but you just cannot beat the fast results you get on this diet. You'll soon be well on your way to slimdom and glad you got back on track :)

Good luck!

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Welcome back hun, glad you had a great time......Just jump straight back on the ss train, if you're determind enough i'm sure you'll do it. Remember we're all here to help ya.....xxx


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Hi there, good to see you back. Glad you had a great time.
You know that you haven't got a lot of weight to go, and now with Glasto over there is nothing to stand in your way.
Good luck hun.
Thanks everyone, you're all so nice. I'm going to have to reply properly tomorrow as I've still not had a real sleep since leaving for Glasto this time last week and my mind isn't functioning properly. Just wanted to say thank you for now until I'm able to take everything in better :) x

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