Back from Holiday - put on a stone!!!


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Hi Everyone,

I had a great 10 days away. I started my hols a few days early and am appalled to find that in two weeks, I've put on 14lbs. You can probably hear the screams!

I went from 147 to 161 - NOOOOO!!!

I came off CD three days before we left having got as far as doing 790 and 3lbs from my goal weight. In those 3 days, I put on 10lbs. I wasn't very sensible in those 3 days, but was good on my actual holiday on had 1 drink a day and stayed away from too many carbs.

I know about glycogen but 10lbs in 3 days seems ridiculous.

Anyway, I have decided to start CD and did so on Tuesday and apart from some flying saucer sweeties on Hallowe'en (I forgot) am doing OK.

Todays weigh in is 157.5 so it does seem to be coming off, but it's very scary and I still feel a bit wobbly about it all and depressed that I now have what seems so much to lose.
That'll soon come off again, it's unlikely its a stone of fat, not in a couple of weeks. Just grit your teeth, put it down to experience & get back on plan. As long as you work your way back up through the plans after goal you won't put the weight back on again.
You must be disappointed but hey did you have a good holiday - sometimes there's more to life then just what a pair of scales are reading... :D

I've just lost a stone in 3 weeks and I'm sure many on here have similar stories so that weight could be off in just a little longer than it took to go on. :D

Don't be disheartened, you'll do it and much more before Christmas..:D :D
If it goes on that fast it will come off that fast! Don't let it spoil memories of a good holiday. Love
Its's def only water. It would take 3500 calories a day to put on 1lb of fat! It will come off in next to no time. I hope that you had a good holiday x

Don't worry that will soon come back off and I bet you can be at target within 2 weeks.

My boyfriend always laughs at me when I quote my weight, because if I've strayed from CD, I always say 'but it's not my real weight' because I know that I'll be storing carbs; retaining water; have more significant waste products than normal (poo I mean) and then if you are due on as well, it's even worse, so I think it is quite easy to put it back on so quickly.

Think how you much you lost on your first week of CD (I've lost a stone sometimes), it's probably the exact opposite of starting CD, only the weight goes the other way.

You can do it! You prob only put on about 2lbs of 'real weight', so once you get back into CD, you'll soon be hitting your target.

Good Luck :)
My Christmas Present

Hi Everyone, I have struggled since I got back from my hols to get into SS. Have eventually managed and despite the falls have lost 8lbs of the 14 I put on.

Nearly gave up CD altogether and looked at 790 or just living with my current weight as I don't look as fat anymore, but bmi is 26.8 so still work to be done.

Then when my family were asking what I wanted to Christmas, it suddenly struck me that I could be at my goal weight. I could lose a stone by then. What could be better than that? The best Christmas present I could have would be to not be fighting with myself about my weight.

I could dress up on the day and look better than I have for years. I could look at the photos from this year and feel proud of myself. Instead of that feeling I get when I see old pictures of brave smiles for the camera.

So the day before yesterday, into all fell into place and I've lost 1.5lbs since I started back properly. Feels so good to be back on track.

Is anyone else aiming for a stone by Christmas?
That is great! Keep it up--even if you dont get down as much as you would like before Christmas, you can still be proud of yourself. You have lost loads of weight. I am surebyou already look lke a different person.