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Back from holiday


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
OK, so although I took my LT to France with the intention of doing the diet over there, I lasted a day before deciding to come off the diet for the duration of my holiday.
I did relatively well food wise that week and I went for weigh in yesterday to find I'd gained 7lbs.
Seeing as my holiday was rubbish due to my grandmother being a total cow and nothing holiday like happening. Due to her sulking and barricading herself in her room, I did nothing but sit watching trashy movies for the entire week, so it was nice when it came to meal times to participate with the rest of the family.
The first night was awful, everyone was sat round the table chatting and eating, whilst I was sat by myself totally alone. If the holiday was just a weekend I'd have probably been fine, but it was for 9 days and I just felt so cut off that I actually got quite upset.

Anyway, now I'm back, I'm back on LT today and I'm not coming off now til possibly Xmas, I think I may just stay on it for Xmas, seeing as it's just one day rather than an entire week like the holiday was.
I'll see how I go, but I'm hoping I'll be able to cope better now with the diet knowing that there are no planned holidays in between and hopefully it'll be easier to get on with it.

Hope you're all well ladies and gent's, shall catch up with your diaries to check the latest on you all xx
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I'm sorry your holiday was not what you hoped. I bet that most, if not all of that 7 lb will come off on the first week back on your plan. Next holiday, when you will have lost loads of weight don't take Gran and have a brilliant time - something to look forward to. Take care xxx.
hey abbie, im sorry that your holiday wasnt what you expected, but you know what, at least your here, you could have looked at your weight and gone,,oh sod it, and kept eating for a while until you realised what youd done, but instead you came straight back here, which shows your determination for a happier healthier you!
Dont worry about the gain, its more than likely just going to be water and itll be off in no time,, just keep your focus,, it might be a bit harder getting back on but once your on agian it feels great,, trust me im a restarter!

As for Christmas, just take each day as it comes until then and then decide what you want to do, we have about 13 weeks until Christmas,,alot can be done by then! let the Christmas challenge begin :)
hope your ok now...x
Silly old bat, bung her in an old people's home......seriously Abie you're back now, we'll look after you and I bet those 7lbs will be gone in no time.

Chin up sweetheart :(
dont fret too much.... that will mostly be water gain.... it will fly off the first week of your TFR restart.... sorry you had a crap hol....


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks everyone. I had one shake today, but ended up running around like a blue butt fly visiting family and I didn't take a shake with me, totally forgot it.

I'm wiped out, it's 9pm and I'm meant to fit in 2 more shakes between now and bedtime which is not far away at all, it's not going to happen.

I've had some toast and I'm going to start afresh tomorrow. I'm not going to beat myself up, it was my first day back, but I can't be superwoman and I'm not going to force down 2 shakes in the space of an hour or 2.

Tomorrow is a new day so tomorrow I'll start afresh. Thursday I'll go for my weigh in, but it'll not be back to normal until the following Thursday, I just don't want to leave it til Thursday to start. Sooner I get back to it the better.

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