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Back from hols


To infinity and beyond!

Got back late last night, had a fantastic time and did take my scales and calorie book, however did not open the book and only used scales to weigh out cereal and pasta :eek:

The damage this morning on my scales was 2lb gain, so quite happy with that, of course did a fair bit of walking and swimming which would have helped.
Back to serious business tomorrow.

Hope you have all been doing well with your calorie counting
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** Chief WITCH **
hi holly and welcome back,

Why are you restarting tomorrow and not today?!!!

A 2lb gain is excellent. I'd be very happy with that after a holiday.

I've stopping manically counting calories now that I got back in the hang of guestimating. I can't be doing with weighing and measuring everything and, as I cook a lot from scratch, it's complicated.

BUT I'm very glad I did spend those couple of weeks counting calories. I now find it easy to plan my meals as have reminded myself of all sorts of calorific values I'd *forgotten* and so am now doing it more naturally.

11lb to go (and counting!)


To infinity and beyond!
Hi Joanne,

You were quite right, I typed starting tomorrow (actually today) but started again yesterday. Scales already say lost 1lb ( I know I shouldn't keep jumping on them :D)

Well done on your weight loss so far, you have done fabulously well over half way there.

I still weigh some things, but as you know a lot of what I eat comes in a packet with the calories conveniently written on them :)


** Chief WITCH **
I always make a point of restarting the very next day after a holiday, so glad you did too! I think it helps to get straight back on the wagon, for fear of continuing the eat fest an additional week if I start overeating at home as well!

That's where those pre-packaged meals are so convenient, and I certainly have eaten my share of those in the past. I never found them big enough though, and would always add a veggie mountain on the side! Now, counting pennies, I'm amazed at how much money I save by cooking (and of course you have to enjoy cooking to want to go there!).

I was just reading your airline seat + belt thread, funnily enough, and can well remember the one time I needed the extension belt. Very strange too as I'd flown before, weighing much more (same airline same route), but they obviously have different length belts on different planes! That's just one of the many advantages of being slimmer.

Are you still planning on going back to CD and ss'ing?

I wish you much


To infinity and beyond!
No more SS for me, I think CD is a fantastic diet but it is not for me. I tried and tried, but couldn't get to grips with it, think I put on over a stone trying to SS and ending up bingeing. Full respect to all CDers, but not the route for me. I know CC is the more scenic route, but as long as I get there in the end and have done it previously know it works.

It is not so much the ready meals, have the occassional one, but more I eat packaged foods like crisps, cheese slices, fish fingers or chicken grills - stuff like that that has the cals on packets.
Still weigh in tonight, so will know the official damage then.


** Chief WITCH **
I've never done a VLCD but I can well imagine how difficult it must be to put one's "eating life" on hold for a substantial length of time like that. I actually like to chew. Taking away chewing from me would make me sad! (All I need to do now is convince myself I prefer to chew celery sticks to bars of chocolate!!)

mmm fish fingers! Been a while since I had those (cos I tend to think they go well with 1/2 can of baked beans and fried potatoes!).

Calorie counting at least will make you more aware of what you're eating and will therefore make maintenance easier. You'll be able to "save" calories for special meals out and therefore not feel deprived either.

Good luck for weigh in!


To infinity and beyond!
Well went along to Club to be weighed, the car park was empty and the shutters down on the door, so no weigh in tonight! Not sure what was going on there.
I love my fish fingers with pasta, so relatively healthy (well for me anyway :))

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